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Mackenzie Arnold delivers ice-cold response to English journo

Australian goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold wasn’t in the mood for one journalist who tried pouring fuel on the Australia vs England rivalry.

Showers have been falling in New South Wales and are expected to clear ahead of the Matildas’ semi-final matchup against England in the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

On Tuesday she showed her defensive prowess wasn’t limited to on the pitch as she swatted away an English journalist.

In an attempt to pour fuel on the fire of the longstanding Australia vs England rivalry, the journo pointed out that many would back in the UK would be hoping to see them send the Aussies packing.

Arnold wasn’t having it.

“Mackenzie these two countries have a traditional and long rivalry,” he said.

“I’m sure there are a lot of England fans back home that would love to see them knock you out of your home tournament. Is the idea of being knocked out by England almost unthinkable to you?”

Stone faced, Arnold replied: “Being knocked out by anyone is unthinkable, I think there’s a lot of English people that would like to see them knock us out but I think there’s more Australians that would love to see England knocked out by us.

“We have so many rivalries with so many different countries, this is just another game for us.”

The Matildas keeper called Australia being knocked out of the World Cup “unthinkable”.

Arnold etched her name into Australia sporting folklore after she stepped up and delivered for her country when it mattered most as she thwarted France’s hopes.

Her heroics left fans watching on in awe and it puts her alongside fellow Australian goalkeeping icons Mark Schwarzer and Andrew Redmayne.

Matildas coach Tony Gustavsson was blown away by the display put forth by Arnold.

“Her composure, the bravery, but then also to come back after that miss and be the game changer … I’m so happy for her,” Gustavsson said.

Commentators and fans alike were left speechless as Arnold stepped up again and again to deny the French players.

Mackenzie wasn’t in the mood. Picture: Jonathan Ng

Australia and England will face off from Sydney’s Stadium Australia at 8pm (AEST) with the winner advancing into the World Cup final to meet Spain.

The Matildas have not lost so far in Sydney, defeating Ireland 1-0 in the group stage and Denmark 2-0 in the Round of 16.

England have played two matches in Sydney thus far, but only the one at Stadium Australia, a 2-1 defeat of Colombia.

Their other fixture in Sydney was a clinical 1-0 defeat of Denmark in the group stage at Sydney Football Stadium.

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