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Mark Briscoe fails to fulfill his destiny in title fight with Samoa Joe

Mark Briscoe believes it is his destiny to win the ROH World Television Championship. One problem though, Samoa Joe doesn’t believe in destiny. Briscoe challenged Joe at the ROH Supercard of Honor PPV (March 31, 2023).

The match started as a battle of martial arts with Joe’s striking techniques versus Briscoe’s redneck kung fu.

Briscoe hit a Spicolli driver on Joe and climbed the corner for the froggy bow. The champ wisely rolled out of the ring before Briscoe could take flight. Briscoe charged into Joe’s hands to be thrown on an overhead suplex. Joe pulled out a chair, but that backfired when Briscoe was able to use it for a step-up cannonball. Briscoe pulled out a table to hit a flipping blockbuster off the apron through the wood.

The match continued with Joe stifling Briscoe’s attempts at signature finishers. Joe pounded out pain, but Briscoe’s spirit roared strong. Briscoe finally did manage to reach for the sky on a froggy bow, however, Joe kicked out on the dramatic three-count.

Briscoe called for the Jay Driller. Joe’s back was a bit too large for Briscoe to secure the double underhook. Briscoe changed plans for a fireman’s carry lift. On the way up, Joe snatched Briscoe’s neck for a sleeper. Briscoe dug deep to inch toward the ropes. Joe exploded for a sleeper suplex then transitioned to a chokehold on the mat. Briscoe was forced to tap out.

Mark Briscoe’s destiny of winning the ROH TV title awaits for another day.

Get the full results of Supercard of Honor here. The PPV is available for viewing through Bleacher Report in the USA and Fite TV for the rest of the world.

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