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Mask Mandate No Longer in Place for LA Metro – Yo! Venice!

Masking no longer required at LAX as well 

By Dolores Quintana

As of September 23, Los Angeles County has lifted the mask recommendation on Metro public transportation and at airports like LAX because the community rate of Covid transmission has remained in the low category and the State of California’s revised guidance. Los Angeles County is the last county to lower the mask recommendation. The Los Angeles County website was updated with the notice that Los Angeles County would align with state guidelines to relax rules on masking in public spaces from strongly recommending masks to allowing individuals to decide whether or not they choose to wear a mask going forward.  

On September 22, Metro Los Angeles’ social media account tweeted, “Public Health aligns with updated masking guidance from the state starting 9/23: Indoor masking shifts to personal preference (unless required by the site). Allow correctional facilities & shelters to make masks optional when COVID-19 levels are low & no recent outbreaks.” On September 23, the account tweeted, “MASK UPDATE: @LApublichealth has updated its local health order: Masks are no longer required to ride Metro and transit in LA County EFFECTIVE TODAY. Health officials recommend wearing masks on transit and in transportation hubs.”

Dr. Barbara Ferrer of LA County Public Health said, “But the vast majority of people are wearing them, and I think they’re wearing them appropriately,” said. “So my hope is we continue to do what people in LA County have been doing for over two and a half years, which is assess not only our own individual risk, but the risk of people around us in our workplaces, in our community, when we make the decisions about when it’s going to be important to keep our masks on.”

Mandatory masking on public transport will return if the case rate rises. Dr. Barbara Ferrer said, during the LA County Health press briefing on September 22, “If the weekly case rate moves back above 100 for 14 consecutive days, universal masking on public transportation will be reinstated.”

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