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MSU Trustees delay vote on vendor political activities resolution

Michigan State University trustees have delayed a vote on a controversial resolution that would have sought to curb some political activities of the university’s vendors tied to voter identification or what advocates called “voter suppression” efforts.

The “Accountability of University Vendors Funding Voter Suppression” resolution was removed from the board’s agenda on Thursday night and was not put up for a vote during the board’s Friday meeting as initially expected.

Michigan State University trustees delayed a vote on a resolution that would've targeted university vendors.

If passed, the resolution, sponsored by Democratic Trustees Rema Vassar and Kelly Tebay, would ask politically active vendors employed by the university to “take concrete steps to defeat the efforts to undermine our democracy.”

Some of those efforts could include reaching out to lawmakers to communicate “the importance of opposing voter suppression legislation” and for vendors “to align” their support of candidates who hold values that “support free and fair access to the democratic process.”

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