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Muskingum County real estate transfers

Oct. 10

1451 Own1 Properties LLC to Rebecca Collins, 12228 Bottom Road, Dresden, $349,900

1452 A&KE to Patrick Hoban, 12.0 acres, Wilsonwood Road, Blue Rock, $84,900

1453 Samuel and Brandie Scott to Daniel and Rachel Beaubien, 2.85 acre split, Vroom Road, Nashport, $7,980

1454 Ellen Bell to U.S. Bank National Association, 1108 Benjamin Ave., Zanesville, $68,701

1455 Michael and Robin Waits to Gibson Family Properties LLC, 844 Virginia Ave., Zanesville, $50,000

1456 Russell and Julie Harris to William Harris Jr., 8115 Main St., Adamsville, $7,200

1457 James and Darlene Meier to Kearston Pride, 124 Valley Gem Drive, Zanesville, $219,900

1458 Barbara Parmer to David and Samantha McWhorter, 1324 Clover St., Zanesville, $36,000

Oct. 11

1459 Jason and Angela Jordan to Jared and Jody Young, 125 S. Moose Eye Road, Norwich, $285,000

1460 Phyllis Colopy to Ryan and Brandy Morrison, 3900 Valley View Road, Zanesville, $239,800

1461 Cavanaugh Advanced Ventures International LLC to Kelscon Enterprises Ltd., 931 Orchard St., Zanesville, $20,000

1462 Adrian and Susan Williams to Faith and Colt Brenlish, 2154 Norwood Blvd., Zanesville, $215,000

1463 SMZ Development Company LLC to Robert Stockum, 114 Thompson Ave., New Concord, $170,000

Oct. 12

1464 Brooke Hannen to Shane Johnson, 2809 Vinsel St., Zanesville, $150,000

1465 Michael Gamble to DR Investment Trust, 1021 Ohio St., Zanesville, $11,200

1466 721 Fountain Square LLC to Giovanni Angelo, 12 Miscellaneous Parcels, 934 Sevall St., Zanesville, $146,800

1467 Levi Staker to Donald and Janet Staker, 26.9354 acres, Durant Road, Zanesville, $62,000

1468 Donn and Patricia Steer to John and Debra Sheffield, Lots 102 and 103, Cedar Hills 2, Nashport, $10,000

1469 Troy Fink to Jeffrey Salsberry Sr., 328 Eppley Ave., Zanesville, $42,400

1470 Jack and Marilyn Taylor to Broken Peanut Ltd., Part Lot 21, New Concord, Main Street, New Concord, $200,000

Oct. 13

1471 Tracy Brandfass to Rickie Sadler, 487 N. Pleasant Grove Road, Zanesville, $265,000

1472 Robert Mercer to Daryl and Gabrielle Timm, 177 First St., Frazeysburg, $20,000

1473 JGTJCA LLC to St. Pete Intercoastal Concepts LLC, 3450 Regans Way, Zanesville, $347,012

1474 Michael Evans to Mark Baker, 0.214 acre, 1119 Eastman St., Zanesville, $1,000

1475 Zekiel McVey to Brenden and Alexus Partin, 850 Wildwood Circle, Zanesville, $259,900

1476 Mark Lenhart to Jamey Waltz, 1100 S. Slope Bay, Zanesville, $166,000

Property Transfers Exempt from Conveyance Fees

Oct. 10

E1108 Harold Johnson to Lynnette Schriner, 812 to 814 Woodlawn Ave., Zanesville

E1109 Arlus Maley to Arlus Maley, TR, 2585 Dresden Adamsville Road, Dresden

E1110 Linda and Floyd Lynch to Floyd Lynch, 385 McConnell Drive, Zanesville

E1111 Richard and Christine Wisecarver to Richard Wisecarver, 7525 Adamsville Road, Adamsville

E1112 Joseph and Jacqueline Andrews to Larry and Rachel Wood, 6010 Lambert Road, Roseville

E1113 Amanda Bontrager to Amanda Bontrager and Charity Wahl, 2115 Creedmoor Drive, Zanesville

E1114 Albert and Barbara Parmer to Barbara Parmer, 1324 Clover St., Zanesville

E1115 Dolores Kopchak to Samuel Kopchak, 310 Kopchak Road, Zanesville

E1116 Wilbert McHenry Estate to Latonia and Lionel McHenry, 2285 Moxadarla Road, Zanesville

Oct. 11

E1117 Lester Lincicome to Lisa Lybarger, 9795 W. Pike, Hopewell

E1118 Kay Eicher to Mark Eicher, 1438 Luby Lane, Zanesville

E1119 Jennifer Collins to Jennifer and Ralph Collins, 4570 Redbud Road, Dresden

E1120 Kala Parrill to Jesse Parrill, 618 Market St., Philo

E1121 Methodist Church of Adamsville to Adamsville Global Methodist Church, Lots 26, Town Plat Adamsville, East Street, Adamsville

E1122 Methodist Episcopal Church of Adamsville to Adamsville Global Methodist Church, 8065 East St., Adamsville

E1123 Leroy and Russell Ritchie to Jennifer Sagle, 5520 Cross St., Roseville

E1124 Carol Nolan to Larry Nolan II, Theresa Hennessy, Tina Murphy, 3960 Dresden Road, Zanesville

Oct. 12

 E1125 Joseph Crawford Estate to Cheryl Crawford, 105 Maple Brook Road, New Concord

E1126 John Noland Estate to Flora Noland, 10215 North River Road, Dresden

E1127 John Noland Estate to Flora Noland, 905 Canal St., Dresden

E1128 Cathy and Richard Hardy to Kevin and Ashley Hardy, 1470 Bald Hill Road, Zanesville

Oct. 13

E1129 Mark Maize to Mark and Peggy Maize, 11675 Baird Road, Mount Perry

E1130 4TC Properties LLC to Wayne and Christy Campbell, 821 Lorain St., Zanesville

E1131 Garland Williams to Nancy Williams, 6575 Narrows Road, Frazeysburg

E1132 Jeri Whitnell to William Whitnell, 2215 Virginia Ridge Road, Philo

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