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New York State offers Buffalo Bills, Niagara Falls license plates

NIAGARA FALLS — New York State is now offering Niagara Falls and Buffalo Bills regional license plates.

“Every region of our state has something unique and interesting about it, and we are happy to celebrate that uniqueness by making these new license plates available for New York drivers,” said Commissioner and Chair Mark J.F. Schroeder of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee in a news release. “These also allow drivers to put their own unique touch on their vehicles and show pride for the place they live.”

More than 200 custom license plates available from the DMV, representing branches of the military and veterans, counties and regions of New York State, professions, causes, sports teams and more.

Revenues from some of our cause plates support charities, such as the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship Fund, Cure Childhood Cancer Research Fund, the Environmental Protection Fund and the Life Pass It On Trust Fund.

Custom plates may be ordered on the DMV website, by mail, or by calling the Custom Plates office at (518) 402-4838.

They are also available with the International Symbol of Access for any registrant who qualifies.

Any qualifying applicant who wants a plate with the ISA on it must contact the Custom Plates office before submitting their application.

For more information about how to order custom license plates, fees, and to view available plates, visit, https://dmv.ny.gov/plates/how-order-picture-and-professional-plates.

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