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NotePad++ 20th Anniversary Edition Includes New ‘Multi-Edit’ Feature – Slashdot

The free open-source text editor Notepad++ is celebrating its 20th anniversary, the blog OMG! Ubuntu reported this week, “with a new release filled with some neat new features.”

In Notepad++ 8.6 (the 238th release since 2003, for those keeping count) the Windows-based code tool [which can also be used on Linux] adds to its extensive feature set with an improved multi-edit feature.

A few 3rd-party Notepad++ plugins have offered similar functionality for a while, including BetterMultiSelection. And a bug report requesting to ability to “transform the column mode to multi-caret on HOME/END/Arrow keys” led to this native addition.
Their blog post includes an animated GIF of Notepad++ multi-edit in action.

“You can install Notepad++ on Ubuntu straight from the Ubuntu Software/App Center app (it’s a Snap Store). Alternatively, install the Windows build via WINE/CrossOver or, if you got the l33t skillz, build it by hand, from source.”

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