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OM’s Igor Tudor on Lorient: “Typical French football team.” Régis Le Bris responds. – Get

After Marseille dropped crucial points in their draw against Lorient their head coach, Igor Tudor defended his team’s performance on the offensive. The Croatian manager not only told Prime Video that his team played well but accused Lorient of being uninterested in playing football. Tudor is no stranger to upsetting the French supporters in Marseille, but his recent comments may cause dissatisfaction throughout the entire league. 

The OM coach explained, “I can’t fault the players. We played with good intensity, we were well prepared, we applied what we had worked on on the pitch. It was in the last gesture, the last pass, that we was not good. Lorient did not want to play, they remained in defense to go on the counter-attack, it is a typical French football team. I am satisfied with the intensity of the team, I’m happy with the football we showed but not with the result. Today, I like seeing the team that I like, I have nothing to blame them for.”

Lorient head coach Régis Le Bris responded to Tudor’s comments by saying, “Tudor’s words? I don’t think much about them. Each team has its story, we had a particular story to play today. today. I think we managed to beat Marseille. It was our main challenge insofar as, in the first leg, they had managed to put us in real difficulty, especially on the sides.”

The French coach spoke about the system he put in place in the match and the method behind it stating, “Today, it was a question of responding to this balance of power, with the players available and a workforce a little turned upside down by the suspended players. We had to build something new. I noticed that it caused frustration for our opponent. We felt that we could even, at one point, dominate this match.”

With Lens taking a two-point lead on the league table Tudor’s comments may be more built-up frustration on the missed opportunity to stay level than his assessment of the match. It is also worth noting that Le Bris’ team has played, at times, some of the best football in Ligue 1.


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