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Opera for Peace Academy to Hold Second Edition in Paris – OperaWire

Opera for Peace 2023 Academy is set to reunite 13 emerging singers from across the globe in Paris.

The academy will meet from April 13 to 20, 2023 for the second edition of the prestigious Opera for Peace Academy. Supported by the European Investment Bank, its main sponsor the singers will hail from Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Armenia, the United States, Iran, and France and will be granted the opportunity to attend a week of masterclasses led by Étienne Dupuis, Thomas Hampson, Brian Jagde, Sumi Jo, and Ailyn Pérez.

The week will then be celebrated by a performance at the Eiffel Tower on April 17 and a closing concert at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris on April 20.

In a statement, Julia Lagahuzère, co-founder and General Director of Opera for Peace said, “Opera for Peace was born out of the observation that many talented and motivated singers fail because they come from disadvantaged backgrounds, from countries in difficulties, or because they lack the necessary codes and support. I am convinced that opera is only alive if it is open to the world, accessible to all and a driver of social inclusion. Therefore, we allow these emerging artists to perfect their skills with today’s greatest singers, to acquire more autonomy and to develop a real sense of belonging and values that they will in turn pass on. These artists will become citizen artists and true cultural leaders.”

This year’s participants are Maria Belén Rivarola, Raúl Gutiérrez, Darius Tyree Jackson, Ihor Mostovoi, Marta Pluda, Matteo Ivan Rašić, Forooz Razavi, Axelle Saint Cirel, Oksana Sliubyk, Lulama Taifasi, Gagik Vardanyan, Nikita Volkov, and Nanami Yoneda.

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