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Pirates of the Caribbean Reopens, Redhead Auction Scene Still Present at Tokyo Disneyland –

Tokyo Disneyland has reopened their Pirates of the Caribbean from its longest-ever closure, wrapping up eight months of refurbishment. And despite rumors of changes coming to the attraction, it returned the same as ever — including the iconic redhead auction scene!

The Tokyo Disneyland version of Pirates of the Caribbean opened on April 15, 1983 with the park and has seen very little changes since it opened, only adding the Jack Sparrow storyline in 2006. Other changes implemented in the name of cultural sensitivity never made their way to Tokyo, such as the changing of pirates chasing women in 1997 or the removal of the redhead auction scene in more recent years.

Pirates of the Caribbean at Tokyo Disneyland

You can watch a full POV of the attraction below:

The attraction still opens with a leisurely cruise past the Blue Bayou Restaurant, as it does at Disneyland. Fireflies flicker as guests pass by a bayou shack, where a man strums a banjo to various southern tunes.

Before long, we encounter a talking skull warning guests to turn back now, before we plunge down a drop into the ride’s caves.

Scenes of pirates who met their demise in the caves pass by, from a wayward ship captain weathering a storm to another trapped in the riches they so desperately craved.

We then pass through a mist screen with Davy Jones from the film series warning guests about what lies ahead. This scene only remains in Paris and Tokyo, having been removed from the US parks in 2018.

Guests sail past a battle between Captain Barbossa and the nearby fort, firing on the ship as it attempts to raid the town.

On the right, the town’s mayor Carlos is being dunked into the well as the pirates search for Captain Jack Sparrow.

Next, the iconic redhead auction scene. Tokyo Disneyland is the last Disney park on earth to still “wants the reddie,” having never removed the classic scene when other parks did in 2017 and 2018.

Passing under another bridge, swashbuckling pirates sing the beloved “Yo, Ho! (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” as the town burns to the ground.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Pirates of the Caribbean without the pirates trying to escape their cage by luring the guard dog with a nice bone.

Just past, drunken pirates fire guns amid gunpowder as they sing the ride’s theme.

Finally, we pass by Captain Jack Sparrow, offering to share his treasures with the riders before they disembark.

You can of course take a voyage on Pirates of the Caribbean every day now that it has reopened at Tokyo Disneyland, redhead auction scene and all! Let us know if you’ll be enjoying this classic attraction in the comments below.

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