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Prince William mocked in the United Kingdom

Prince William’s popularity has been questionable over the years, especially a few months ago when many media outlets began to talk about an alleged infidelity, bringing attention to the Duke and Duchess, and now the press has turned its attention back to him as Prince William was mocked in the UK.

Following a thread on the social network Twitter by fashion journalist Derek Guy, who writes for the ‘Telegraph’ newspaper, has praised the suit that Felipe VI wore recently at one of his events. He also explained the reasons why it is “very rare to see this level of tailoring nowadays, even on the wealthy.”

However, what has caught the attention, is that he has taken advantage of the coverage of the aforementioned media to throw a tip to the future King of his nation. The fashion expert has not hesitated to compare Philip with Kate Middleton’s husband, who they consider to be a “disappointing countryman”.

With this, the Telegraph newspaper directly attacks Prince William’s clothing and fashion style, while praising King Felipe VI and confirming him as one of the most impeccable monarchs when it comes to dressing.

Let’s also remember that just as Queen Letizia has great taste in fashion, Kate Middleton has also been ranked as one of the best dressed royals due to her good taste and class that she always shows.

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