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Real estate transactions

Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded July 17-21.

Deborah D. Branson; Robert H. Dudley Revocable Trust to 1900 CC Lane, LLC, L1R, Elmo Walker Replat, $3,150,000.

John Roland Taylor, III; Kristin Taylor to Benjamin Jackson; Ashley Jackson, 2706 N. Pierce St., Little Rock. Ls8-9 B19, Park View, $1,050,000.

Thomas Cristoph Keller; Laura P. Keller to Merritt Dake; Lauren Dake, 1923 Shadow Lane, Little Rock. Ls127-128, Shadowlawn, $1,000,000.

Craig M. Farrell; Gretchen Farrell to Christopher J. Lang; Karrie G. Lang, 79 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock. L3 B19, Pleasant Valley, $990,000.

The Gordon and Lisa Gondek Revocable Trust to James Webster Terry; Janis Irene Terry; The Janis And Jim Terry Family Trust, 19101 Hidden Hills Lane, Little Rock. Pt NE NE 10-1N-14W, $950,000.

John Marshal Gaston to Nathan Miles Waldrip; Meagan R. Waldrip, 17 Somersett Court, Roland. L31, Somersett Estates II, $830,000.

Hartness Construction Company, Inc. to Steven P. McBride; Jenifer M. McBride, 10 Rushing Bear Cove, Little Rock. L27 B1, Bear Den Estates, $829,000.

Wyant Properties, LLC to Dr. Z Properties, LLC, 16524 Chenal Pkwy., Little Rock. L4, Riverside Properties, $775,000.

Wiggins Family Real Estate Holdings, LLC to Parkway Trails, LLC, Ls16R & 17 B1, Waterview Estates, $770,000.

Parkinson Building Group, Inc. to John S. Tune; Rakale R. Tune, 1409 Giverny Lane, North Little Rock. L14, The Gardens at Rockwater Village, $665,000.

Stephen Norman; Evelyn Norman to Dennis Family Holdings, LLC, 2341 Still Hollow Trail, Little Rock. Tract 3 & 4, Marion Acres; Pt SW NW & Pt NW SW 10-1N-14W, $652,500.

US Bank, NA to 7B Partners II NLR, LLC, 7001 John F. Kennedy Blvd., North Little Rock. L1 B300, Indian Hills, $650,000.

Joel M. McMasters; Robyn A. McMasters to Steven Leroy Brown; Pamela Sharon Brown; The Brown Joint Revocable Trust, 50 Laval Circle, Little Rock. L44 B51, Chenal Valley, $615,000.

Michael S. Stine; Shelli M. Stine to Francis Malone, L45 B96, Chenal Valley, $580,000.

Nimanne, LLC to Interfluent Center, LLC, Ls3-5 & 7-12 B14, Roots and Coy, $575,000.

Barbara June Mathews; David Franklin Mathews (dec’d) to Stacy Anne Lindsey; Michael Warren Graff, 2048 Madison Layne Court, Sherwood. L2, Cypress Shores, $530,000.

Hines Homes, LLC to Cameron Whaley; Marissa Whaley, 94 Lucia Lane, Maumelle. L1673, The Country Club of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $519,000.

Riverwalk Homes, LLC to Richard M. Yeager, 320 Gardens Lane, North Little Rock. L41, The Gardens at Rockwater Village, $494,900.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Michael Spinks; Lynne Spinks, L23 B4, Parkside at Wildwood Phase II, $480,000.

William G. Campbell, Jr. to Benny A. Bloxom; Gayla F. Bloxom, L31, Belles Fleurs, $480,000.

CBM Appraisals, Inc. to David P. Cole; Arianna N. Amini, 101 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock. L127, Longlea, $475,000.

S And A Hudson Investments Limited Partnership, LLLP; Stephen M. Hudson Revocable Trust; Stephen M. Hudson; Amy R. Hudson; Amy R.Hudson Revocable Trust to HEB Land Company, LLC, Pt NW SE 16-1N-13W, $450,000.

Riverwalk Homes, LLC to Danita Richardson, L20 B4, Fletcher Valley, $426,000.

David Hanson; Beth Hanson to Noah Beck; Treece Beck, 11 Choctaw Cove, Maumelle. L23, Osage Falls, $415,000.

Colwal Roth, LLC to The Clifton Family Limited Liability Limited Partnership, Pt SE SW 5-1S-12W, $410,000.

Lucas Hall; Brandee Hall to Matthew Carpenter, 33 Bascom Drive, Little Rock. L4 B9, Chenal Valley, $410,000.

Mickey Lee Mayhan; Jeanne Marie Mayhan to Kameron Allen; Hannah Allen, 9 Ridgeview Lane, Maumelle. L5 B1, Ridgeview Trails Phase I, $405,000.

MidArk Houses, LLC to Madison Land Development, LLC, Ls16-17, Dixie Acres, $399,800.

Copestone Investments, Inc. to Tiquila Smith; Brian Sims, 13102 Smarty Jones Drive, Scott. L202, Ashley Downs Phase I, $399,470.

Medlock Enterprises, Inc. to Cameron S. Hood; Ashtan Norwood, 1302 Tupelo Court, Jacksonville. L385F, Northlake Phase X-C, $395,000.

Ken M. Smith; Carolyn A. Penn to Terrance G. Hill; Janice L. Hill, L44, Pleasant Valley Manor, $391,500.

DA Phillips Homes, LLC to Jordan C. Smith; Ashley M. Smith, 9808 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood. L10, Millers Glen Phase 6, $387,273.

Richard Conner Limerick, III; Estate of Anne B. Limerick (dec’d) to Paul E. Barzizza; Elizabeth P. Barzizza, 3012 Reservoir Road, Little Rock. L23, Robinwood Unrecorded, $385,000.

DA Phillips Homes, LLC to DeAngela D. Arnett; Deziree L. Arnett, 9816 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood. L11, Millers Glen Phase 6, $381,000.

Bruce Engel Construction, Inc. to Susan Duffy; John Jay Duffy, L7, Millers Glen Phase 8, $375,500.

BAJ Properties, LLC to Ted Mullenix; Julie Mullenix, Ls2-6 B5, Union Depot, $375,000.

Stuart J. Burke; Deronda Burke to Chance Riehl; Shelley Riehl, 2 Liberty Bell Court, Little Rock. L113, Pebble Beach Park, $375,000.

Lance Copeland Construction, Inc. to Titus Jordan; Wanda Harris Hordan, 1700 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville. L3R, Jaxon Terrace Phase I (L3RR on Mortgage), $369,900.

Charles Anderson Homes, LLC to Justin Brown; Sade Brown, 5605 Hummingbird Lane, Jacksonville. L436R, Northlake Phase XI, $362,400.

Clay Bradford Carver; Alex Ryan Stackhouse to Cary E. Lipscomb, 139 Marseille Drive, Maumelle. L253, The Country Club of Arkansas, $350,000.

Coburn Construction, LLC to Keli Wylie, 26 Fletcher Ridge Circle, Little Rock. L13 B2, Fletcher Valley, $335,000.

Patricia Pyron; Michael Pyron (dec’d) to Stanford Hayden; Jan’etta Hayden, 38 Greenview Circle, Sherwood. L12 B7, Country Club Park, $329,999.

Russell Thomas Cephas, Jr. to Jacqueline Ray, 320 Red River Drive, Sherwood. L26 B28, Overbrook, $325,000.

John Howard Pettersen to Gordon Schally; Amy Spears-Schally, Unit 807, River Market Tower HPR, $325,000.

David A.Calvert; Cindy L. Calvert; The David And Cindy Calvert Revocable Trust to Amber Perry; Neil Perry, 4545 Valley Brook Drive, North Little Rock. L20 B6, Lakewood Northeast, $325,000.

Mitra Rahmani; Greg Stone to Janet Kate Armstead; Harold R. Armstead, Jr., 1401 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville. L14, Jaxon Terrace Phase 9, $310,000.

Suzanne Wynns Pate; James And Suzanne Pate Trust Number One to Robert Matthew Pate; Stephanie Pate, 2110 McCain Blvd., North Little Rock. Ls27 & 1 B19, Lakewood, $310,000.

Terri Theresa Williams to Amber Alzufari, 422 Pearl Ave., Little Rock. L14 B6, Young’s Park, $305,000.

Lusk Properties, Inc. to S&A Development Co., LLC, 7101 Dewafelbakker Lane, North Little Rock. L8, Lusk Commercial Park, $299,000.

Daniel Blake Benafield to Curt Thompson; Jennifer Freeman, 4601 Dawson Drive, North Little Rock. L15 B3, Lakewood Northeast, $295,000.

Barbara Gojer; Bernard Gojer to K. L. Akana; Akana Living Trust, L9 B3, Village at New Bedford Phase 2, $292,000.

David Robert Murry; Kathryn Murry Bagwell; Michele Hopkins Murry; Charlotte F. Murry Living Trust/Charlotte F. Murry Revocable Trust to Brian Scott Coats, 4100 Arlington, North Little Rock. L9 B23, Lakewood, $290,000.

Maumelle Rental, LLC to Jeremy Conrad; Madison Conrad, 9 Yukon Cove, Maumelle. L123, Riverland, $273,000.

Sandy L. Rothwell to Darla Cruz, 14 Harmony Court, Maumelle. L6, Pleasantwood, $272,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB to Zachary T. Deem, 4 Randall Cove, Maumelle. L10, Wiggins, $270,000,

David Bostwick; Megan Bostwick to Meredith M. Duke, 211 N. Mississippi St., Little Rock. Pt NW NW 1-1N-13W, $265,000.

Estate of William H. Russom; Kathryn Elizabeth Varady to CCP Investments, LLC, L15, Park Ruby; L10, Boshear’s Replat- Tract A Bushman Manor, $264,000.

Julie E. Chapman; Julie E. Pate; Brian Chapman to Diane Eleanor Hannah; Robert L Orr, L7 B6, Walton Heights, $261,500.

Nisreen J. Kingma; Eric Kingma to Chessa Williams, 721 Foxwood Drive, Jacksonville. L147, Foxwood Phase VI-A, $260,000.

Joe T. Runsick; The Runsick Family Trust to Eketcher & Company, Inc., 1705 East 5th St., North Little Rock. L1, English, $240,000.

Michael Diaz; Patricia Diaz to James Brandon Miles, 13 Danube Drive, Maumelle. L30, Riverland, $240,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Pravin Nathabhai Patel; Dharmishthaben Pravin-Bhai Patel, L65, White Oak Crossing, $239,725.

Mary Y. Voss; Billy R. Voss (dec’d) to Clayton White; Holly White, 13318 Meyer Road, Mabelvale. Pt SE SE 16-1S-13W, $232,500.

Nathan Lang Hutchins; Melvern Earl Hutchins to Landon M. White; Haley White, 11860 Southridge Drive, Little Rock. L11 B4, Walton Heights, $230,000.

Eric Lauer; Maria Lauer to Zachary Garrison; Hannah Hartley, 14219 Old River Drive, Scott. L81, River Manor Estates Phase B, $224,500.

Matt Carpenter; Emily Carpenter to Matthew Waring Morris, 3811 Moreland Drive, Little Rock. L45, Pleasant View Phase II, $222,750.

Gerard D. Robinson; Karin S. Robinson to Antonio Deshon Jordan, 703 Grosvenor Drive, Sherwood. L64, Silver Creek Phase IV, $220,000.

Kevin Gates; Kevin Edward Gates to Charlie Lawson, Jr., 7804 Hayley Court, Sherwood. L16, Hayley Heights, $220,000.

Hannah Allen; Hannah L. Dunn; Kameron Allen to David Cramer; Patricia Cramer, 7 Oak Forest Loop, Maumelle. L138, Rolling Oaks Phase I, $220,000.

Esan River City Homes, LLC to Nathan Gay, Jr.; Victoria Gay, 12333 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock. L18 B3, Walton Heights, $215,000.

Nancy Stone to Leslie Hope Boyd, 5201 Fairway Ave., Unit 3, North Little Rock. L1 B1, Unit 3, Timber Creek Townhouses HPR, $211,000.

Larry Joe Powell to William Claussen, 22 Oak Forest Drive, Maumelle. L11, Rolling Oaks Phase I, $210,000.

Stacey Atchison to Nicole D. Schartz, 7809 Harmon Drive, Little Rock. L3 B2, Killarney, $210,000.

Maurice Mosby to Jordan E. Guajardom 3008 Salinas De Hidalgo, North Little Rock. L3 B2, Villages of San Luis, $209,000.

Benny Loyd Sims; Marty Cargill Sims; Sims Living Trust to Andres Leonardo Acosta, 1912 Aztec Drive, North Little Rock. L23 B19, Indian Hills, $207,000.

Carmen Dunbar; Estate of Richmond H. Dunbar (dec’d) to Jose Ernesto Garzona; Siria Garcia, 10 Westfied Drive, Little Rock. L64, Westfield Phase I, $205,000.

Virginia L. Abrams; Estate of Milgret J. Woods (dec’d); Willie Lee Woods (dec’d) to Chloe Lanning, 909 Arthur Drive, Little Rock. L78, University Park North Plat No. 1, $202,750.

Barry Kellerman, Sr.to Allen L. Beachy; Janey M. Beachy, 14130 Shady Lane, North Little Rock. L7, Shady Lane, $202,000.

Janice Brune; Dennis Brune; Ann Tabor; Margaret Ann Tabor to Karen G. Brown; Michael D. Solomon; Karen G. Brown Residential Trust, L26 B27, Lakewood, $198,144.

US Bank Trust, NA to US Bank Trust, NA, L3 B5, Cedar Ridge, $194,812.

Holly S. Lindsey to Marvin Itzkowitz, L476, Kingwood Place, $190,000.

Harold S. Eggensperger; Tami G. Eggensperger; Eggensperger Joint Revocable Trust to Rene Isaac Morales Campos, 1820 S. Tyler St., Little Rock. Ls5-6 B18, Cherry & Cox, $189,000.

Valle Rental Properties, LLC to Huy Thanh Nguyen; Nga Thi Kim Nguyen, 119 Chiliwood Lane, Sherwood. L9, Chiliwood, $189,000.

Leslie Gaye Loring to Gwendolyn Shy Ricks, L119, Cardinal Heights Section C, $185,000.

West Range Property Group, LLC to Ashlyn Blankenship, 9509 Vanderbilt Drive, Little Rock. L111, Campus Place 2nd, $185,000.

East Argenta Land Holdings, LLC to Riverwalk Properties, LLC, 712/716 N. Olive St., North Little Rock. Ls2-3 B44, Original City of Argenta, $185,000.

James D. Holt; Tina Lynn Holt to Frances Grant, 6308 Osage Drive, North Little Rock. L17 B4, Indian Hills, $180,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to Equity Trust Company/IRA 200316928, 1802 Shumate Drive, Little Rock. L62, Marlowe Manor Phase I, $178,000.

RX, LLC to Alvarez Realty Of NWA, LLC, L20, Town and Country Estates, $178,000.

Capitol Properties of Arkansas, LLC to Michael A. Yancey, Jr., 318 E. Charles Bussey Ave., Little Rock. Ls7-9 B413, DuVall (DuVal), $175,000.

James Cozzens to Ines Helga Berger, Ls9-12 B14, Springdale, $174,500.

William Callahan; Alyce Callahan to Michael Dingler; Brandi Dingler, L7, Lakeview West, $165,000.

William Bradford Maxey; Jo Ann Compton Maxey to Michael E. Donohoe, 201 N. Devon Ave., Sherwood. L7 B3, Country Club Park, $165,000.

Haley Edwards to Robin Johnson; Lasonia Johnson, 5021 Batesville Pike, Sherwood. Pt S/2 SW 6-3N-11W, $163,700.

SFR3-080, LLC to Charles Pearson, 4106 Bruno Road, Little Rock. L6, Rinke Garden Acres, $160,000.

BG Clinical Research Center, LLC; BG Research Center, LLC to Baptist Health, Apts. 2A & 2B, Medical Towers HPR, $160,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Snehal M. Thakker, 4616 Eastwood St., Little Rock. Ls5-6 B8, Pike, $160,000.

Easter E. Moore to Tami D. Jones; Tamia D. Jones, 15 Willowridge Cove, Jacksonville. L43, Cedaridge, $154,500.

Good News Group, LLC to Jose A. Rosales Pacheco, 10721 Legion Hut Road, Mabelvale. Pt NW NE 11-1S-13W, $150,000.

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