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Center Township

Charley D. Almy to Gilbert and Beth Almy, home on Steubenville Pike Road; $22,200

East Liverpool

William A. and Karen E. Smith to Eric Slaughter, home on Center Street; $25,000

Michael Trew to Stephen T. Vishak, home on Daisy Alley; $6,500

Thomas J. and Dianne Simpson to Robert T. Kelly, home on Cain Street; $159,000

Gloria J. Williams to James D. Casto, residential vacant land on Pennsylvania Avenue; $5,000

East Palestine

Cindy L. Beauregard to Mary Frost, home on Market Street; $151,500

Elkrun Township

Carol I. Morrell to Sara and Mark Schondelmayer, home on state Route 517; $291,000

Jacqueline A. McKay to Jacqueline A. McKay, 123.78 acres on Cream Ridge Road; $80,000

Hanover Township

Gary W. and Cassandra Eichler to Streetsboro Realty Partners LLC, other commercial structures on Camp Boulevard; $150,000

Stefanie L. Higgins to Christopher and Emily Kerwood, 17.48 acres on Ridgeway Road; $345,000

Knox Township

John F. Bradley to Brad A. Nelson, home and other residential structures on Lake Street; $87,500


Lynnette A. Roessler to Jeffrey A. Hunter Sr., residential vacant land on Oak Street; $5,000


William L. and Carrie L. Catlett to Gerald Fisher, two-family dwelling on Washington Street; $44,000

Petersburg Stone Co Inc to William L. Catlett, detached retail store and commercial warehouse on East Washington Street (former Hollands Trim and Upholstery); $242,100

Robert Bruce Bye to Bye & Bye LLC, other retail structures on South Market Street and parking structures on East Park Avenue; $180,000

Christine S. Wilson to Towd Point Mortgage Trust, home on Garfield Street; $56,100

Liverpool Township

Dana McGuire and David T. Tyras to Justine B. George, home on Campground Road; $149,000

New Waterford

Scott and Debra Walton to Jeannie and Scott Greaves, home on Main Street; $144,000

Perry Township

Wendy Cline to Brandi Houshour, condo on Canterbury Lane; $93,000

Paula Sue McDonald to Christopher A. and Veronica Plessinger, home and other residential structures on State Boulevard; $214,000


Samuel E. Courtney to C&C Rental Investments LLC, three-family dwelling on Lincoln Avenue; $80,000


Heather D. Grzymala to Southwind Property Solutions LLC, home on Main Street; $43,250

Rudy A. and Laura E. Hostettelter to Stephanie G. and Scott M. Miller, home on Hazel Run Road; $70,000

St. Clair Township

George and Brian Gamble to Valerie M. Keul, home on Mud Lane; $165,000

AFN ABSPROP001 LLC to COT BOB 44 HOLDCO LLC, restaurant on Dresden Avenue (Bob Evans); $2,139,136

Elizabeth Ann Deem to Tracy L. Marshall, home on McDonald Street; $103,500

Unity Township

Peace Valley Orchards Real Estate Inc. to John and Carol L. Day, 3.798 acres of fruit and nut farm on Adams Road; $34,182

Peace Valley Orchards Real Estate Inc. to Donald K. Hollingshead; 121.249 acres of fruit and nut farm on Adams Road; $1,240,377

Washington Township

Larry T. Lake to Jerry B. Mostella Jr., .573 acres on Clarks Mill Road; $35,750


Donald L. Trummer (trustee) to Trumanna Properties LLC, other commercial structures on Main Street; $80,000


Nina C. Graves to TM Estates LLC, home on Commerce Street; $18,000

West Township

Brody Todd Toot to Christian Phillip Vallance, home on Canal Street; $78,000

Yellow Creek Township

Reba C. Watson to Foggy Hollow Farm II LLC, .066 acres on Township Line Road; $500

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