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Real Housewives of Sydney’s season 2 cast step out

The brand new cast of The Real Housewives of Sydney glammed up to face the media at an event in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs today.

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Returning Housewives Krissy Marsh and Nicole O’Neil joined five newbies to spruik the show, which will be the first local Housewives season to air since the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne aired back in 2021.

Krissy Marsh, Sally Obermeder, Victoria Montano, Terry Biviano, Dr Kate Adams, Nicole O’Neil and Caroline Gaultier.

It’s also six long years since the first season of The Real Housewives of Sydney aired – and while this new rebooted version of the show promises to have more of a focus on fun and friendship than that dysfunctional season, that doesn’t mean it’ll be totally drama-free.

In fact, more than one new cast member intimated to news.com.au that a cast trip to Tokyo will see some serious fireworks this season.

Here’s a look at the seven Housewives ahead of the season airing on BINGE later this year:

Krissy Marsh

Krissy Marsh. Photo: James Gourley

A returning audience favourite, Marsh seems to have aged in reverse since the 2017 season, wowing in a Barbie-inspired pink mini dress and heels today.

She said she was enjoying sharing her second round as a Housewife with her 81-year-old mum, who will appear on camera during the season: “My mum said, ‘What’s everyone else at 81 doing? I mean hair and makeup right now doing at 81? I’m in hair and make-up right now!!’”

She also said she had some simple advice for her fellow castmates, joining the Real Housewives circus: “You can’t control what people say about you behind closed doors. All you can do is behave how you want to behave.”

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Nicole O’Neil

Nicole O’Neil. Photo: James Gourley

Responsible for one of season one’s best-loved Housewife-isms when she confessed she liked to parade her children around the economy section of planes so they could see how the rest of us have to live, O’Neil said she was the one to convince old friend Krissy to join her for another TV outing.

“I told Krissy: life’s too short. I’m one of seven women in Australia to be chosen to be a Real Housewife of Sydney. What an incredible opportunity!”

Dr Kate Adams

Dr Kate Adams. Photo: James Gourley

Dr Kate would be familiar to some viewers as the owner and Head Vet of Bondi Vet Hospital. Single and child-free, she admitted that she wasn’t sure she was qualified to be a Real Housewife (it’s a state of mind, we told her – husbands are entirely optional). But she also said she had no reservations about jumping into reality TV: “I’ve been ready for this since 1983,” she quipped.

Terry Biviano

Terry Biviano. Photo: James Gourley

Engaging, cheeky and intense, Biviano is a successful shoe designer and wife to retired NRL star Anthony Minichiello – just don’t call her a WAG. She hinted at a few dramas to come this season today, saying the cast trip to Tokyo had been her most “challenging” time on the show.

Caroline Gaultier

Caroline Gaultier. Photo: James Gourley

Gaultier told us she thought this season of Real Housewives would stand among the very best in the franchise’s history, fashion-wise – and she certainly didn’t disappoint with her low-cut, sky blue ensemble at today’s launch. But despite her attention-grabbing outfits, the Bondi Beach resident has actually, until very recently, been fiercely private. She confessed to news.com.au that she’d only just set her Instagram account to public in anticipation of the show airing, and was feeling a little nervous about being thrust into the public eye.

Victoria Montano

Victoria Montano. Photo: James Gourley

The owner of a luxury sport brand fashion label, Victoria said she consulted with trusted friends – including her returning castmates – before she decided to take the plunge and become a Real Housewife. She flits between Sydney’s eastern suburbs and the south of France and counts her greatest love as a gelding named Malcolm.

Sally Obermeder

Sally Obermeder. Photo: James Gourley

Already a familiar face to many viewers thanks to her presenting work on shows like Sydney Weekender and The Daily Edition, Obermeder admitted she had her reservations about signing on for a show as controversial as Real Housewives.

Her first question: Who would her castmates be? And her second – would she be afforded the space to tell her story?
And it is quite the story: Obermdeder was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2011, the day after her daughter was born. The new mum endured eight months of chemotherapy before finally getting the all-clear, and since then has publicly campaigned for breast cancer awareness.

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