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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Buying More Bitcoin Right Now – Here’s Big Reason

Robert Kiyosaki, a prominent investor and vocal Bitcoin supporter known for authoring a classic book on financial literacy called “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has tweeted about the worsening crisis in the U.S. to let his 2.1 million followers know that he is on a Bitcoin buying spree once again.

Over the past 24 hours, the world’s leading digital currency, Bitcoin, has printed a minor decrease of less than 1%, still managing to hold above the $51,000 level.

Banking crisis worsening, Kiyosaki says

Robert Kiyosaki, guru trainer in the sphere of personal financial education, has issued yet another warning on his Twitter/X handle, telling his followers to be careful. Kiyosaki is positive that the banking crisis in the United States is getting worse. He also mentioned growing risks of negative geopolitical developments that may happen in the near future.

Please be careful. Banking crisis worsens. Cental banks will push for CBDC, Cental Bank Digital Currency, to SPY on us. I am buying more Bitcoin and silver coins. Silver biggest bargain. I will use silver as money not US fake dollars.

Another thing he has warned his army of followers about is the long-term risk of central banks preparing to launch their own centralized digital currencies (CBDCs) in order to spy on the population and control their earning and spending. China, in particular, has been testing the digital yuan for a few years now. Some politicians in the EU are also talking about the necessity of introducing a digital euro.

Kiyosaki is buying Bitcoin, he is alert

Based on all these developments, Kiyosaki stated that he is buying more Bitcoin and silver coins too. The “magic trifecta” for Kiyosaki, according to his earlier tweets, is Bitcoin, gold and silver. “Silver is biggest bargain,” he tweeted. Earlier, the entrepreneur often tweeted that everyone can afford to buy silver dollar coins, which cost $25 a piece. Now, he tweeted that along with BTC he is grabbing more of those silver coins. They may be useful as real money, Kiyosaki believes, if the U.S. dollar crashes and make the U.S. economy collapse too.

Kiyosaki has often tweeted that he strongly dislikes the Federal Reserve printing trillions of U.S. dollars that are not backed by anything to inject them into the U.S. and global economy.

Earlier this year, the author of the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” book tweeted that he bought several Bitcoins after the SEC finally issued approval for spot-based Bitcoin ETFs.

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