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Rishi Sunak says world closest to nuclear war since Cuban missile crisis – live

World closest to nuclear armageddon since Cuban missile crisis, Sunak claims

Rishi Sunak is delivering a pre-election speech in a move to pitch to voters after this month’s local election blow.

The Prime Minister has told voters the world is closest to nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis.

Speaking from London, he has pledged that “more will change in the next five years than in the last thirty” if the Conservatives get re-elected.

He has told voters face a stark choice between the future and the past as he warned the country would be “less safer” under a Labour government.

Touting his leadership in areas such as security, he is seeking to draw a dividing line with Labour over defence spending following his commitment to hike it to 2.5% of gross domestic product by 2030.

It comes as his Conservative Party dropped behind Labour in the polls suffering a mauling in local and regional elections earlier this month.

Mr Sunak’s worries worsened with the astonishing defection of MP Natalie Elphicke in protest against his record on housing and stopping small boat Channel crossings.


In full: ‘War has returned to Europe,’ Rishi Sunak warns of nuclear escalation

In his long-waited speech, Rishi Sunak has highlighted the UK’s threats from authoritarian states including Russia, Iran, North Korea and China.

He added they are working to “undermine” the UK’s values.

Specifically focusing on Vladimir Putin, he said the Russian president’s “recklessness has taken us closer to a dangerous nuclear escalation than at any point since the Cuban missile crisis”.

World closest to nuclear armageddon since Cuban missile crisis, Sunak claims

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:09


Sir Keir Starmer denies UK would be less safe under his leadership

Speaking to Sky News, the Labour leader vowed national security would be the party’s first priority.

He adds: “We would not be less safe under a Labour government.”

Mr Starmer also accused the Tories of having “hollowed out our armed forces” over the past 14 years.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer denies the Uk would be unsafe under his government (PA Wire)

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 13:08


Meanwhile in the civil service: ‘A war on woke’

Conservative MP Esther McVey has declared a “war on woke” for civil servants.

The right-wing politician said the Tories will implement a ban on rainbow lanyards.

Speaking earlier today at the Tory Centre for PolicyStudies, she said: “I want a very simple but visible change to occur to the lanyards we use to carry our security passes [which] shouldn’t be a random pick and mix.

“Working in the civil service is all about leaving your political views at the building entrance. Trying to introduce them by the back door via lanyards should not happen.

“The focus should be on a happy and inclusive working environment and increased productivity.”

Conservative MP Esther McVey in Leigh in Greater Manchester last March (PA Wire)

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 13:00


A Boris Johnson comeback?

Rishi Sunak has suggested Boris Johnson could make an appearance at the general election campaign.

He said the former Prime Minister would be welcome on the campaign trail, in a bid to create a united Tory front.

Mr Sunak added: “I have been clear about this as well in the past. I want every Conservative who shares the vision that I do to be part of that campaign, to fight for the things that we believe in.

“Ultimately look of course the Conservative family is a broad church but we are united by a set of values and that set of values that I talked about earlier on are founded in innate optimism about our country and what it can achieve.”

Boris Johnson could make an appearance during the Conservatives electoral campaign (Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:43


Watch: Rishi Sunak says Tories not responsible for 14 years of problems

In case you missed it, here’s the moment Rishi Sunak claims the Tory government can’t be blamed for 14 years of problems.

He also accused the Labour Party for running a negative campaign towards the Conservative Party.

Tories not to blame for 14 years of government, Sunak insists

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:35


Labour MP claps back at PM after speech

Labour shadow Cabinet Office minister Jonathan Ashworth has clapped back at the Prime Minister following his criticism.

The Leicester MP has hit back at Rishi Sunak’s comments that the Labour Party cannot be trusted during his speech.

Mr Ashworth says: “Rishi Sunak’s seventh reset in 18 months is just another desperate attempt to hide from the appalling record of this failed Tory government.

“After 14 years of leaving the country less secure at home and abroad, the Tories have forfeited the right to talk about security.”

Labour MP Jonathan Ashworth has hit back at Rishi Sunak following his speech (PA Archive)

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:28


Watch: Rishi Sunak hits out at Starmer for to be ‘everything to everyone’

Rishi Sunak hasn’t missed the opportunity to hit out at Sir Keir Starmer for taking his former colleague Natalie Elphicke on board.

Elphicke defection shows Starmer trying to be ‘everything to everyone’, Sunak says

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:23


When will the UK general election be?

With Rishi Sunak refusing to reveal a clear date for the general election, it looks like it will be a long electoral campaign.

But many voters are wondering when they can expect the contest.

Here’s everything you need to know, including the latest possible date the PM can hold a general election.

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:20


Lib Dem leader hits at Rishi Sunak for not calling election

With just minutes since the Prime Minister concluded his speech, the backlash is already pouring in.

Lib Dem leader Ed Davey is the first to speak up saying Rishi Sunak should just call an election.

Mr Davey says: “Instead of talking at people, Rishi Sunak should be listening to the public by calling a general election now.”

Liberal Democrat Ed Davey has hit at Sunak for not calling an election (Yui Mok/PA Wire)

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:14


Rishi Sunak’s speech has ended

The Prime Minister has ended his key-note speech at the Policy Exchange in London.

If you’re just joining us, here are the key takeaways:

  • The PM confirmed there will be an election on the second half of the year.
  • Rishi Sunak has told voters would face a choice between “the future and the past” at the general election.
  • He has said there was a “profound sense of urgency” in the need to address the challenges facing the country.
  • Mr Sunak insisted he was “confident” the Tories will prevail and defeat Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the Policy Exchange in London (Getty Images)

Salma Ouaguira13 May 2024 12:00

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