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Salaar’s USA distributor fulfills promise with record screen release

Normally for every movie of the respective heroes, the USA distributors will promote saying the movie will have the biggest release or record release ever, and most of the time, the distributors will fail at the last minute by not locking the record theatres as promised. But Salaar distributors have done exactly what they intended to do and have fulfilled the promise thanks to their efficient planning.

Prathyangira Cinemas, who are distributing the film in the USA promised that this Prabhas starter will have a record release ever for Indian cinema. And just as promised the movie will be released with all big chains and Imax screens being blocked for the film. The advance bookings are slowly opening on many screens and the trend of advance booking is sensational as the pre-sales are said to be in the range of $300K and already and $3 Million dollar premiers are expected.

Salaar is expected to smash some box-office records considering the kind of hype it has created so far. The film’s pre-release business and the massive demand for it domestically as well as in overseas is a testament to its crazy demand. With the level of interest in the trade circles, it appears like Salaar will cross RRR in several areas.

Salaar will hit the screens worldwide on 28th September. The movie takes place in a Mafia-dominated world of organized crime. Prabhas, as Salaar is a man on a mission to fulfill a promise made to his dying friend.


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