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Schwertfager shoots 77 for first Travel League victory

AKRON — Mike Schwertfager shot the low round of 77 at Arrowhead Golf Club for his first Wednesday Travel League victory.

Josh Hilliker was a stroke behind with 78. In a tie for third place were Dave Criscione and Robert Calph with 80s. Criscione and Ed Tofil each shot 38 to lead the front nine. Schwertfager led the back nine with 37.

Jeff Nelson was the B Flight winner. In the C Flight, Brandon Haase was the winner after a tie-breaker with Lou Polichetti and Mick Dunning Sr. The D Flight winner was Paul Daley. The winner of the Bruce “Java” Chrabasz Commissioner’s Award was Jaime Galarza.

Untied birdies were recorded by: A Flight — John Bongiovannni Jr. (No. 18); B Flight — Tom Sacilowski (Nos. 2, 17), Tim Walawender (No. 4), Mike Willoughby (No. 5), Pat Weaver (No. 9), Pete Pinkoski (No. 12), Nelson (Nos. 14, 17, 18) and Jim Ellman Sr. (No. 15); C Flight — Dunning (Nos. 2, 5), Pete Gawron (Nos. 3, 9), Dave Franklin (No. 10) and Haase (No. 15); D Flight — Daley (No. 1), John Waterman (Nos. 3, 17), Lenny Leszkowicz (Nos. 4, 12), Galarza (No. 5), Bob Kujawa (No. 15) and Dave Polichetti (No. 16).

Closest to the pin were Leszkowicz (No. 4), Sacilowski (No. 8), Schwertfager (No. 12) and Nelson (No. 16). Winners of the Steeplechase were Schwertfager (A Flight), Ellman (B), Dunning (C) and Galarza (D).

Top point winners were Leszkowicz (80), Nelson (64), Walawender (32) and Sacilowski (28). Season points leaders (through 18 events): 1. Sacilowski (340), 2. Tofil (322), 3. Calph (307), 4. Hilliker (303), 5. Mike Wolfe (267), 6. Franklin (255), 7. Dave Wallace (248), 8. Leszkowicz (246), 9. Jeff Marsowicz (207), 10. Nelson (184).

This coming Wednesday the league is playing Green Meadows Golf Course in North East, Pennsylvania. The first group tees off at 8:30 a.m. There are limited openings. To inquire, text or call 716-785-2291.

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