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Seven of the Most Affordable MICHELIN Guide Hotels in Paris

Zoku Paris

17th Arr. (Parc Monceau/Place Clichy)

Zoku’s vision of versatile, efficient, modern apartment-style hotel life was born in Amsterdam, and quickly spread to Copenhagen and Vienna. One might wonder if their signature blurring of the line between business and pleasure — their merging of work and life — would fly in a city like Paris. But the evidence from on the ground in the 17th arrondissement suggests that there’s plenty of appetite in France for Zoku’s forward-thinking approach.

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© La Nouvelle République

© La Nouvelle République

La Nouvelle République

11th Arr. (Opéra Bastille)

One benefit of its location in the 11th is that the Hôtel de la Nouvelle République offers exceptional value for money. And while you certainly wouldn’t compare it to the city’s five-star palace hotels, it’s not at all spartan — not only are the tactile comforts well-chosen, but you’ll find details like triple-glazed windows, reading lights, and tablets loaded with thousands of magazine titles.

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20th Arr. (Père Lachaise Cemetery)

Rather fittingly for this up-and-coming arts enclave, Hotel Scarlett is housed inside an industrial building that was previously abandoned for years. Now it’s a thirty-room boutique hotel that’s filled with artwork and furnishings made of recycled materials — check out the reception desk, built of repurposed wooden shipping crates — and bathed in the glow of lamplight from rows of antique-inspired fixtures suspended from the ceiling.

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25 Hours Terminus Nord

10th Arr. (Gare de Nord/Gare de l’Est)

The vibrant, youthful 25hours hotels have been a sensation in the German-speaking world, and here they finally cross the border into France. The Augsburg-based design agency, Dreimeta, engaged a Parisian firm to collaborate on the hotel’s visual identity, tailoring it to its location in the 10th Arrondissement. Rent a bike to get around the 10th, or visit the Jogging Corner to find your way on foot around the immediate neighborhood.

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© Tribe Paris Batignolles

© Tribe Paris Batignolles

Tribe Paris Batignolles

17th Arr. (Parc Monceau/Place Clichy)

Batignolles, in the 17th, is off the usual path for visitors, and that’s by design — a departure from the old familiar locations gives Tribe Paris Batignolles license to experiment with the typically tradition-bound Parisian hotel formula. Aesthetically, it’s free from any pressure to conform to Haussmannian ideals, and takes its interiors in a more modern, industrial-chic direction. And with a little more space to spread out, it doesn’t have to squeeze every square foot into its accommodations; its communal lounge spaces are among its greatest strengths.

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Mob House


Practically right around the corner from their Mob Hotel, designer Philippe Starck and hotelier Cyril Aouizerate have reunited for a hotel that both is and isn’t a sequel: Mob House shares a brand and a similarly populist design sensibility, but sets its sights on a less transient traveler. A new kind of residential hotel, along the lines of the live/work model with which we’ve all become so familiar.

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Hôtel Clarisse

15th Arr. (Gare Montparnasse/Institut Pasteur)

A little bit of physical distance from the ordinary tourist haunts means a little bit of a thematic departure from the archetypal Parisian experience — and a location in a less expensive corner of town makes for truly affordable nightly rates. The design leans heavily on industrial and salvaged materials, and the public spaces are more British in aspect than typically Parisian.

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Hero image: © Zoku Paris

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