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SFU looking into instructor’s anti-trans, sexist rant | CityNews Vancouver

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is looking into the actions of an instructor after he allegedly sent students an anti-trans, sexist rant to students via email.

SFU tells CityNews it is aware of the email and explains that it contained personal views that don’t represent the views of the university.

“Over the weekend, we were made aware of an email that was sent by an instructor to students enrolled in a computing sciences course,” the statement reads.

“SFU is committed to the well-being of its students, and creating a learning environment that is supportive, inclusive, and respectful.”

Several posts on Reddit show the email sent by lecturer Steven Pearce in its entirety.

“I am very concerned about half of this class and, in particular, many of the students. Something has to be said, and here is my two cents worth,” he said in the opening of the email.

In the email, titled “My Statement on the Insanit of Transgender Marxist Divide and Conquer Cultural Weapon,” Pearce claims to be stronger than any woman he’s ever met and goes on to say he is primarily talking to radicalized feminists, before calling those will choose to complain to administration about his email “little elementary school children.”

The University says it has hired a substitute as it looks into the matter, adding that affected students have been sent an email about available support.

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