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Snoop Dogg Pins The Miz At WrestleMania

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Snoop Dogg

Pins The Miz At WrestleMania

… ‘My Bad!!!’

Snoop Dogg just made matters worse for The Miz during WrestleMania 39 on Sunday … doubling up on the Superstar’s beatdown from the night before by wrecking him again!!

It all went down at SoFi Stadium … when the rap legend brought out Shane McMahon for a surprise appearance.

Shane and Miz went at it for a bit … but Snoop intervened and set his sights on the WWE Superstar himself!!

Snoop stood over Miz, showboating for a bit before dropping him with a vicious People’s Elbow and ending him with a three count.

Hey @TheRock, @SnoopDogg just delivered a #WrestleMania style People’s Elbow to @mikethemiz and it was AWESOME!!! pic.twitter.com/H0FiZo30Vw

— WWE (@WWE) April 3, 2023

“This is humiliating!!!” the announcers said as Snoop finished Miz.

The whole interaction came as a surprise … as Miz was fully expecting a casual interaction with the California icon.

Naturally, the hometown guy had the sold-out crowd losing their minds … but Snoop played it cool as if he had been in the ring plenty of times before.

Of course, Miz took a beating just hours prior — when George Kittle and Pat McAfee threw him for a loop to end night one of the annual festivities.

Night 2 of WM39 has been filled with a ton of amazing moments … and we’re only halfway through the show — so stay tuned for even more highlights.

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