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Social Skills: 6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Harness Instagram’s Power for Local Engagement

Instagram is a particularly powerful social media platform for real estate agents to connect with their audience in a visually engaging way. As one of the most popular platforms amongst the bunch, with nearly 144 million active users in the United States, Instagram can help real estate professionals establish a strong local presence and attract potential leads and clients in their market. 

With such a vast amount of users, it is important to ensure you are connecting and engaging with buyers, sellers, businesses and other industry professionals in your area. Here are six effective strategies for REALTORS® to connect with local (and hyperlocal) audiences on Instagram. 

Create a Location-Centric Profile and Content 
Incorporating location-specific keywords into your username and profile is a simple way to capture the attention of your local audience. Use your city, neighborhood, region or state in your Instagram handle, bio, captions and hashtags. This will not only make it easier for local users to find you, but also establish your credibility as an agent who is an expert with the area. Use handles such as @NeighborhoodRealEstateAgent, @CityRealEstateAgent or @StateRealEstateAgent. In addition, publish local and community-focused content, such as photos from a neighborhood event or videos discussing the local market data. 

Increase Local Engagement 
By engaging with local Instagram pages and groups, you can connect with your community and build relationships with potential clients and collaborators. Interact with posts from local businesses, community organizations, schools and local influencers, leaving relevant comments, sharing insights and experiences, and showing your support for local initiatives. This can help increase your visibility among fellow community members, as well as position yourself as a go-to- real estate expert in your market.

Utilize Geotagging
Geotagging is a powerful feature on Instagram that allows you to tag the location of your posts. Whether you are sharing property or listing photos, a video from your office or attending or hosting an event, geotag them with specific locations within your market. This will help your content appear in location-based searches and allows users to discover your posts and profile when they search a location on Instagram’s Explore page. Geotagged posts also showcase your knowledge and involvement in the local community.

Offer Location-Exclusive Content  
Providing valuable, educational content is a proven way to attract and engage followers on social media. Consider creating a free guide, e-book or even video content offering insights into your local real estate market, providing tips for buyers and sellers in your area, or highlighting the unique features of your market. Promote your location-exclusive content through your posts, stories and reels, and include a link to download in your bio. Not only does this add value to your followers, but it also encourages them to engage with your content and reach out to you when they need a local expert. 

Go on a Hashtag Hunt 
Hashtags are the easiest ways to discover new profiles, groups and communities on Instagram. They can also help potential leads discover you! Utilizing location-specific hashtags that are relevant to your target audience can quickly connect you to those actively seeking local real estate information and agents. Hashtags allow you to tag your content with nearly endless keywords. For posts focused on specific neighborhoods, use hashtags such as #YourNeighborhoodHomes. For cities, use hashtags such as #CityNameRealEstate, #CityNameProperties or #CityNameHomes. This can also be a helpful tool for you, finding potential leads, businesses to work with and accounts to collaborate with.

Collaborate With Local Businesses 
Speaking of collaboration, this can be a powerful strategy for real estate agents to expand their reach and connect with a wider local audience. Research and identify local businesses that share a similar target audience. This can include contractors, mortgage brokers and interior designers, but don’t discount local shops, schools or community centers. Work together to create joint posts, reels or even Instagram Live sessions that provide valuable insights, tips and information regarding the local market, services and opportunities within the community. 

Instagram offers real estate professionals a dynamic platform to connect with and grow their local audiences. As the real estate landscape continues to evolve, it is important for agents to establish a strong local presence, foster meaningful relationships and position themselves as experts in their community and market. 

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