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Social Skills: Cracking the QR Code for Real Estate Marketing

For real estate professionals everywhere, staying ahead in a highly competitive industry is vital for success, especially in a dynamic market. When it comes to marketing, there are many tools and strategies that help keep your business at the forefront of buyer’s and seller’s minds. From traditional print marketing, like flyers and bench ads, to more modern-day options, like social media and email newsletters, agents have many outlets and solutions for generating leads, improving conversion rates and staying in touch with past clients. 

QR codes have been making waves and changing the game of marketing across many industries. They offer a revolutionary solution for real estate agents when it comes to marketing their business, services and listings. Not only are they a convenient way to lead potential clients to your information, QR codes are also a sustainable and cost-efficient marketing strategy. 

First, it is important to understand what a QR code is before incorporating them into your marketing strategy. QR codes, or quick-response codes, are a type of barcode that can be scanned by a digital device, such as a smartphone, that stores information and allows users to quickly and conveniently attain it. For example, someone can scan a QR code at a restaurant to access the menu, as well as any other information the restaurant provides. 

Next, it’s time to understand the benefits of QR codes. As they provide a seamless way to gather data and insights about your audience, you can analyze the metrics and engagement associated with your codes to better understand customer behavior, preferences and trends. This information allows you to refine your marketing strategies, optimize your listings and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with your audience. 

Because QR codes are digitally generated at an affordable, low price point, they can be integrated into various marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers, signage and other printed materials, as well as digitally, on social media channels, emails, videos and more. Not only does this offer the opportunity to reduce printing costs, but it allows for easy updates, customization and personalization.

Let’s explore the many ways that real estate agents can utilize and incorporate QR codes into their marketing strategies.

What can real estate professionals use a QR code for?
Before adding QR codes into your marketing arsenal, it is important to have a plan for what your codes entail. From contact information and social media channels, to calendars and listings, there are so many options to choose from for what your QR codes can lead to. 

  • Listings and virtual home tours
    • When you get a new listing, the marketing journey begins. A QR code offers you an opportunity to share the listing with anyone, from anywhere. As they scan the code, they are led to the listing, as well as all of the assets that go with it, including the description, photos and even videos tours. 
  • Contact information, website and social accounts
    • Having a central location where interested buyers and sellers can access your contact information, website and social media accounts is a convenient way for them to get to know you and get in touch with you, keeping up with your latest updates.
  • Event calendar 
    • Instead of worrying about scheduling through phone calls and emails, make your calendar available for clients to book appointments with you. This gives agents their time back, while giving clients the opportunity to book based on their own schedule.
  • Lead generation forms
    • When interested buyers and sellers are looking for an agent, they often start with a lead generation form, sharing their contact information and needs. This can also help agents keep track of their leads. 
  • Reviews and testimonials 
    • Before choosing an agent to work with, many people like to hear from those who have already been through the process with them. Offer a central location for potential clients to see just how authentic, supportive and knowledgeable you are as an agent.
  • Directions 
    • Not every client will know a neighborhood, city or even state, so providing directions to a listing is a big help for many potential buyers. This is a simple and effective way to ensure they know where they are going.

Where can real estate professionals use or feature a QR code?
Now that you have an idea of what information a QR code can lead to, it’s time to determine where you can use these codes. From digital assets to printed materials, you can add a QR code nearly everywhere your marketing materials live.

  • Email signature
    • Most conversations between real estate professionals and both their clients and leads happen through email. As a professional, you should have some sort of email signature that at least includes your phone number and website. Below this, add a code that leads to your social accounts, latest listings or more for convenience.
  • Business card
    • Passing out business cards is a tried and true method for ensuring someone has your contact information. Now, you can include everything on this tiny card, from listings to social media accounts, offering even more information and opportunities for business each time you pass it along.
  • Property signs 
    • Most agents put their name, photo and contact information on for sale or open house signs. If someone is interested in working with you, but may not be interested in that particular property, offering a way for them to see what else you have on the market opens up the opportunity to generate more leads and showcase your other properties.
  • Print and digital marketing materials
    • Whether you are handing out flyers, posting an ad in a newspaper or promoting your business through digital advertising, adding this feature to your marketing materials gives anyone who sees it an opportunity to see what you are doing with your real estate business.
  • Videos
    • Video marketing is becoming the go-to for real estate agents and their audiences. Including a code at the end of the video adds another layer of education and opportunity for the viewer and your business.

Just as the market stays dynamic, so should your marketing strategies. QR codes have the possibility to change the game when it comes to your marketing strategy, opening up new possibilities for your business, your listings and your clients. Check out how RISMedia uses QR codes below! 

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