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‘Sold out’: Cult chemist buy you can’t find

Japan’s best-selling skincare brand has just launched in a major Australian retailer, sparking frenzy among shoppers for its “hero” product.

A Sydney influencer has caused stock of an extremely affordable concealer to fly off the shelves after revealing it’s the secret to her “flawless” skin.

Hada Labo Tokyo is now stocked in more than 470 Priceline stores across the country, marking the popular chemist’s first foray into Japanese beauty.

While Hada Labo launched locally with Adore Beauty last year, the new stockist puts the cult skincare brand into physical retail stores for the first time Down Under.

Since landing on Australian shelves this month, there are already several Hada Labo products flying out the door, a spokesperson for Priceline told news.com.au.

Japan’s best-selling skincare brand Hada Labo Tokyo has just landed in Priceline. Picture: TikTok/bumble.mi

It’s hero product, a hydrating serum, is sold every 3 seconds. Picture: TikTok/@bilingual.mikasa

“Popular products such as the Skin Plumping Gel and Lotion No. 1 Super Hydrator have had impressive sales, which isn’t surprising when you consider the Lotion No. 1 Super Hydrator is a cult favourite around the world on TikTok,” Janice Senn, category manager of skincare at Priceline, said.

“Customers are seeking extra hydration during the winter months, so we expect this momentum to continue, especially given the Hada Labo range is loaded with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid.”

It’s not just customers who have been raving about the new range, which features seven products. Skincare experts and beauty influencers have also expressed delight you can now buy it in stores, with many declaring they “love” it.

“We’ve been blown away by the excitement for this launch,” Senn added.

“At Priceline’s bi-annual health and beauty tradeshow, The Beauty Prescription Live event last week, our community of beauty lovers were truly buzzing over this cult Japanese skincare brand landing in stores.”

Aussies are snapping up Japanese skincare product that just launched in Priceline – with shoppers declaring it “so good”.

Sydney lawyer turned beauty guru Roj Torabi – best known as @theroject on social media – described the Lotion No. 1 Super Hydrator as “elite” in a recent video.

“One of these is sold every three seconds,” she states on TikTok.

“It’s called Lotion number one and contains their iconic hyaluronic acid formula, which is called ‘super hyaluronic acid’.

“It contains three types of hyaluronic acid. Not one, not two but three.”

Roj goes on to explain that having three different molecular versions of the popular skincare ingredient gives users an “intense hydration” as well as “that juicy, plump skin that we love”.

“It’s a water-based and super thin formula, so it sinks it really quickly,” the 26-year-old explained.

“The idea is that it enhances your skins hydration and also prepares your skin for the rest of your [skincare] routine.”

Sydney lawyer turned beauty guru Roj Torabi raved about the $35.95 product, currently on sale for $29, online. Picture: TikTok/theroject

Another social media user @bilingual.mikasa, a Japanese Aussie based in Sydney, shared her joy at spotting the brand in Priceline recently.

“Honestly, I think we are so lucky to have Hada Labo Tokyo directly provided to us,” she said.

Mikasa then explained the products are loved in Japan as they “give you Mochi Mochi skin”, a term used that refers to the smooth, supple, plump and bouncy texture of the local dessert.

“There goes my paycheck,” one user commented.

“OMG no way,” another remarked.

“I need this,” someone else wrote.

The brand is famous for ‘Mochi Mochi skin’. Picture: TikTok/@bilingual.mikasa

Some Aussies are reporting the products are ‘already selling out’. Picture: TikTok/bumble.mi

Another user, @bumble.mi, said stock at her local Priceline of the Japanese brand was “already selling out”.

Hada Labo’s hero product, the $35.95 Lotion No. 1 Super Hydrator Serum, sold out four times in the first three months of launching in Australia last year. It’s currently on sale at the store, temporarily priced at just under $29.

The buzz-worthy but affordable brand joins Priceline’s line-up as “disposable income budgets tighten” amid the current cost of living crisis.

If consumer behaviours during the global pandemic are anything to go by, the at-home beauty industry will likely not be affected by smaller disposable incomes.

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