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‘Some big heat coming’: Forecast shows ‘heat event’ headed to Vancouver

Prepare for the heat, Vancouver.

Forecasts show hot weather coming to the city by the end of the weekend and persisting for several days. On V.I.A.’s Weatherhood almost all of the city’s neighbourhoods show temperatures in the low 30s starting Sunday (Aug. 13) and lasting through the midweek.

Places inland from the open ocean water are expected to get the warmest; the River District and Yaletown are predicted to be the hot spots in the city with highs of 33 C on Tuesday. UBC will be the coolest, and may not crack 30 C.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang says the extended “heat event” is likely the first long period of hot weather some people will have experienced this year.

“We are expecting some big heat coming along,” she tells V.I.A. by phone. “Not 2021-style heat but certainly a big warm spell.”

This is due to hot air coming from the interior, where temperatures are expected to get even hotter as an upper ridge of high pressure allows heat to build and remain.

That means areas near the ocean will be cooler for two reasons: the ocean is cool and it’s further from the origin of the heat. However, the entire region will feel warm, with temperatures at least 5 to 8 C hotter than usual.

The heat event is expected to last until Thursday, Lang says, though she notes the weather models are struggling to give an accurate picture of what may be coming, as there are a variety of factors, including typhoons in Japan. She notes higher temperatures are possible.

Given the heat, Lang warns people to take precautions.

“We haven’t had a whole lot of heat events so far this summer in the Lower Mainland,” she notes, cautioning people against strenuous physical efforts during the heat of the day.

It could also affect some people more than others, especially as the heat of the day may not dissipate at night. Overnight lows may only drop to 19 C according to Weatherhood. It’ll last a while. Lang suggests people check in on loved ones who may be vulnerable to the heat to make sure they’re well.

“It can be really hard on people,” she notes.

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