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Superloop buses should run at night, says Lib Dem – BBC News

  • By Noah Vickers
  • Local Democracy Reporting Service

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The Superloop network aims to better connect London’s suburbs

A night Superloop service should be introduced to better connect the London’s suburbs, a City Hall politician has said.

Caroline Pidgeon said that a night-time version of the bus network would boost the capital’s nightlife and be useful for shift workers.

Sadiq Khan’s office has confirmed there are no plans for such a service.

In response, the mayor’s office said the benefits “are not clear” compared with existing night bus routes.

The Superloop service will be made up of routes that form a vast ring through outer London. The main part of the network is due to be ready by the spring.

In a written question to the mayor, Ms Pidgeon, a Liberal Democrat assembly member, suggested that the buses should also operate at night.

She told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “Having decent transport options at night is important for nightlife, and the night-time economy as a whole, and shift workers. It also has a direct impact on women’s safety and their confidence to go out late at night.

“It is going to be very difficult to persuade groups of people like shift workers to give up their cars and move to public transport if the options simply don’t exist where they live.”

Responding to Ms Pidgeon, Mr Khan’s office said: “Around 73% of Superloop stops are served by night services, and 95% of Superloop stops are within 800m of a stop served by a night route.

“In addition, 24 night routes used by five million people per year run parallel to Superloop routes for at least some of their route.”

The mayor’s office said the service would be monitored by Transport for London (TfL) “to get a comprehensive understanding of how customers are using this new network”.

Ms Pidgeon said she would “continue to press the mayor on improving the public transport options available at night”.

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