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Taylor Swift has moved into Travis Kelce’s $6 million Kansas City house: Report

Taylor Swift may have altered the lyrics to “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me,” but it appears to be the other way around. The romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is always front-page news. With their recent appearances and huh-hush meetings, fans can see the new ‘Power couple’ in the making. A report by DailyMail suggests, that the Lover Singer, is planning to move into Kelce’s house for a few weeks.

Taylor Swift plans on spending time with Beau in his Kansas City house

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were photographed together as they held hands and stepped out after having dinner.

According to the magazine, Taylor Swift rounded up her final Eras Tour performance in Brazil in 2023, traveling from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. Before kicking off her next leg of the concert tour in Tokyo, Japan, Taylor reportedly flew to Kansas City in her private jet, planning to spend “extended periods” together with Travis.

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Despite the difficulties, the insider said that they had managed a few date nights in between football games and concert legs, highlighting the busy schedules of both superstars and acknowledging their new relationship. The source said they came to understand that a relationship takes time and effort. “Taylor’s still smitten with Travis, But she realizes that the hard work in their relationship is about to start as they will be spending weeks at a time together.” They further added ‘Up until now, it has been time snatched as they both have had such busy schedules.”

Taylor and Travis want to spend time together like a regular couple

Away from the media buzz and their professional hustle, the insider shared that both Travis and Taylor desire some time together, like any regular couple. “They don’t want to start their relationship off with big gaps (in time spent apart). They’re trying to be as much like a regular couple as possible.”

The report surfaced after Taylor Swift was spotted temporarily relocating to the Midwest, opting for the Kansas City Chiefs star’s $6 million home over her opulent $50 million NYC penthouse for a few weeks. This move followed a tough South American leg of her Eras Tour, marked by two rescheduled shows and an unsettling incident with a fan’s death.

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