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The Aqualillies Will Dive Into a Free Summer Watershow in DTLA

What to Know

  • Monday, Aug. 8 from 7 to 9 p.m.
  • Hotel Figueroa at 939 S. Figueroa Street
  • Admission is free and RSVP is required; “10% of bar proceeds will benefit Artistic Swimming AWD,” shares the pool-based performance group

Splashing around in a swimming pool means a little something different to every swimmer who seeks a invigorating experience in a damp and delightful place.

You might do some easygoing laps, or a few backstrokes, and sitting on the steps in the shallow end, all to cool down for a minute or two?

Patronizing a pool’s shallow end is a sweet summertime tradition, as time-honored as icy lemonade, reading under a shady tree, and dashing through a sprinkler.

But there are those pool pros who enter the water with a host of remarkable skills, strengths, and a singular vision, talented performers who’ve become known for acing complicated artistic swimming routines while partly submerged in H20.

The Aqualillies, “the world’s most glamorous water entertainment,” have been bringing spectacular displays of athleticism, creative choreography, and unified spirit to pools around Los Angeles and our television and movie screens over several accolade-filled years.

And for many of those years, the eighth of August has been an especially auspicious day for the troupe: It’s the day when Esther Williams, the swimming legend and film icon, was born.

To honor the memory of Ms. Williams, and to inspire other dreamers to consider the artistic and athletic endeavor, The Aqualillies will present a free show, the first after a two-year hiatus.

While entry is complimentary, you’ll need to RSVP in advance.

It’s the only public happening on the group’s annual calendar, by the by, and the picturesque place?

It’s the famous coffin pool at Hotel Figueroa in Downtown Los Angeles, the time is 7 o’clock on Monday, Aug. 8, and while admission is complimentary, the evening will also serve as an important fundraiser.

The group has worked to raise both funds and awareness for Artistic Swimming AWD, and ten percent of the bar proceeds from the evening will be donated to the non-profit organization, which is “… committed to supporting communities under-represented in artistic swimming in the United States, including athletes with disabilities and Black, Indigenous & People of Color athletes.”

If you’d like to know more about Artistic Swimming AWD, its mission of “diversity, equity & inclusion” in sports, and donate directly, you can find all the information you need at this site.

As for where The Aqualillies will make a splash next? Follow their H2O adventures, and gain swim-strong inspiration, too, by perusing the troupe’s social sites.

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