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The Reason Behind Oppenheimer Mixed Response Here

Christopher Nolan is undeniably a prominent name in Hollywood, and his films have garnered a significant following in India. However, his latest release, “Oppenheimer,” seems to have received a mixed response from the Indian audience as the hard-core Nolan’s fans feel that the film fell short of expectations.

Despite excellent advance sales and high openings, the film’s early trend indicates that it has opened to mixed reviews in India. One of the primary reasons for this response is that “Oppenheimer” is primarily a conversational drama, with about 2/3rd of the film filled with dialogue. This style of filmmaking may not resonate well with a larger section of the Indian audience, who often crave action and excitement in their cinematic experience.

For many Indian viewers, sitting through over two hours of dialogue in a three-hour film centered around a character like Robert Oppenheimer, whom they may not be familiar with, may not be appealing. While Nolan’s name may have attracted initial interest and generated good advance ticket sales for “Oppenheimer,” the film needed a captivating experience to sustain audience interest. Moreover, Nolan has not done a film like this in the past.

The extensive and elaborate drama, heavily reliant on dialogue, has resulted in a mixed word-of-mouth response. As a result, the film’s performance on Sunday (today) will be crucial in determining its overall reception in the Indian market.

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