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The Story Behind Logan’s Will In Succession Is Not So Mysterious After All

Torturing someone even from beyond the grave seems to be a special talent.

And it looks like Succession’s Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, is succeeding at it.

Over the years, he has become a master at psychologically tormenting his family, and it seems that nothing can stop him. Even his own death.

And now he has made a big mess around the story with his will.

The businessman’s wake was really tense, and there was a lot of rustling around a certain document that actually contained all of his last wishes and the most important thing – his “Succession” plan.

This document proved to be more mysterious than we could have imagined.

While the most potentially significant puzzle raised by this will was the controversial promotion of Kendall Roy to CEO of Waystar Royco, the issue of the timeline of its final editing provoked a surprising discussion.

It may seem that the last time Logan touched his will was 18 months ago, when the show was just starting.

However, if we as viewers dig a little deeper, there is a chance that the last adjustments to the will were made right at the beginning of season 4.

For example, in the first episode titled The Munsters. Simply because on that day Logan seemed to the fans to be a bit gloomy and lost in his thoughts.

Perhaps he was thinking about the transience of life (his own included) after he had had an awkward discussion about life after death with his personal bodyguard Colin, while leaving his own party.

Actually, in that scene he claims that Colin is his best friend.

And after that confession made – it’s kind of clear for fans, why he had an adjustment like “to pass on a Rolex Daytona to Colin” after his death.

Still, that’s just speculation.

And what exactly made him change his mind and rewrite the will – well, that’s another story, which we might as well get to know later in the final season.

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