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The three London Wetherspoon pubs named among best in the UK

Wetherspoon is one of the biggest and most popular pub chains in the UK with many praising the chain for its quick service and cheap drinks.

Typically set in historic buildings, ‘Spoons’ has become a go-to spot for many wanting to enjoy a quick pint and bite to eat or for a catch-up with friends. 

Some have even taken it upon themselves to visit all 836 JD Wetherspoon pubs in the UK set across 629 cities according to ScrapeHero.

But, for those that would rather stick to their local, you might want to find out if it’s part of an elite list. 

As the top 20 Wetherspoons in the UK have been discovered based on TripAdvisor reviews curated by the Express.

And three London outlets have been listed among the best in England.

East London Advertiser:

3 London Wetherspoon pubs named among the best 20 in the UK

Goodmans Field, The Liberty Bounds and The Brockley Barge have all made the list of the best 20 Wetherspoons in the UK based on TripAdvisor reviews. 

Goodmans Field scored the highest among the 3 pubs with 4.5/5 and over 170 excellent reviews from its overall 758 reviews. 

The pub is located in the Whitechapel area and is near Tower Hill station. One visitor said the pub had “Friendly staff, standard ‘Spoons food served quickly and nicely. What more do you need? Coffee machines had decaf, which is a happy bonus!”

Another said: “Staff friendly. Clean and pleasant. Beer good and very accommodating for families. Worth a visit. Will be back.”

The Liberty Bounds near The Tower of London has 4/5 rating with 292 excellent reviews from its 1,409 reviews. 

East London Advertiser:

One user said: “No complaints from us. Cheap, plentiful and tasty. We stopped for lunch which included a drink. Even the fussy 11-year-old was happy!”

Another praised it for its views: “A Wetherspoons in a great location set in a nice building and from where we sat we had a perfect view of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.”

Last but not least, The Brockley Barge in Brockley, South London had a 4/5 score with 71 reviews altogether and 28 excellent reviews. 

One visitor described it as”more than an ordinary Wetherspoons“, sharing that the Brockley pub was “one of the best managed, for friendliness, cleanliness, and attention to detail, for the atmosphere it is comparable to that of a family-run pub, courtesy is at home and the managers are always attentive to detail and always have an eye for customers and their tables, and most of the staff are smiling and kind.”

What is your favourite Wetherspoons in London? Let us know in the comments below.

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