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These London boroughs make the most money from bus lane fines

But there is one tricky driving mistake that some boroughs have been able to cash in on, with some making over £2 million a year. 

New research has found the London boroughs making the biggest incomes from bus lane fines.

Seeing drivers that are forced to pay a fine for taking a drive along the lanes dedicated to London buses

Conducted by motor experts at Moneybarn based on Freedom of Information data, the numbers being cashed in may shock you. 

The London boroughs making the biggest income from bus lane fines

Coming in as the biggest earner was Lambeth Borough Council who made the annual income of £2,320,216. 

Located in the heart of London, Lambeth is a densely populated area that relies on public transport a lot.

Lambeth Council generated over £2 million in revenue from 44,701 bus lane PCNs, this is an average of over £6,000 per day. 

With the second-highest income, Ealing Borough Council made an annual income of £2,278,111.

The West London region Ealing has characteristics of both a leafy suburb and an inner-city area – the borough issued 38,860 PCNs – generating an average income of £6,241 per day.

In third place was Waltham Forest Council with with an annual income of £1,930,111 from bus lane fines.

The council issued 31,194 bus lane PCNs generating an average daily income of over £5,000. 

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