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Thomas Kahn in concert in Paris

The man we call “the little prince of modern soul”, Thomas Kahn, will be in concert at La Maroquinerie in February 2024.

Thomas Kahn will be in concert at La Maroquinerie (Paris), on February 2, 2024. Places are available. For this “Soul Time” evening, he surrounded himself with exceptional guests such as China Moses, JP Bimeni and Annie Lalalove.

With an instantly recognizable voice tone, Thomas Kahn presents a unique approach. “I always had this grain of voice because my role model was Bob Marley” he explains in an interview with the editorial staff. “When I sang in English, people thought I had a Jamaican accent. I also worked a lot on vocal technique with a speech therapist and a singing teacher. The voice is my instrument. I’m passionate about what we can do with it so I worked hard. I reached a point of mastery that allowed me to get to where I am now. »

Discover the voice of the talented “little prince of modern soul” with a special teaser:

He will also take the opportunity to present This Is Real, his new studio album, released in October 2022. It includes the singles “Hope”, “More than Sunshine” and “Don’t Look at Me”. There are influences from both soul and motown, with inspirations coming from the greatest, such as Otis Redding to Marvin Gaye and Lee Fields, or even Ben Harper.

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