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Three Marshalltown restaurants cited for violations

Three Marshalltown restaurants were cited for violations by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals on Friday following routine inspections.

HyVee Food and Drugstore, 802 S. Center St., was cited for six violations:

The inspector found raw ground turkey and raw chicken tenderloins stored over bacon and raw pork in the walk-in cooler. In the retail grocery cooler, the inspector found raw hamburger patties and raw bratwurst stored over ready-to-drink lemonade and tea. The coolers were reorganized to prevent cross contamination.

Slash-resistant gloves were being used when slicing deli products, and were not cleaned before handling other foods. The inspector provided education for the employees and the gloves were cleaned and sanitized.

Whole rotisserie chickens in a hot case had temperatures of 125 degrees. Iowa code requires this type of food must be kept at a temperature of 135 degrees.

In the sushi area, the sanitizer in the wiping bucket was cloudy and had been prepared the day before. The solution was discarded.

In the dish room, multiple pans on the “clean” shelf had food and debris build-up. Clean dishes were kept near the garbage can. Staff said the dishes would be washed and the clean dishes would be placed in a new location away from the garbage.

HyVee did not have a copy of the variance approval letter. The current sushi batch was not labeled. The letter was obtained and staff labeled the sushi.

HyVee was previously cited for violations on 11 different occasions: one in March; three, February; three, August 2022; 11 from two separate inspections in March 2022; four, September 2021; six, May 2021; eight, April 2021; four, November 2020; one, October 2020; and one, August 2020.

Savor Sobre Ruedas, 922 N. 5th Ave., was cited for four violations:

Foods such as rice, beans, meats, salsas, cabbage slaw and vegetables were prepared in the owner’s home. Under Iowa code, foods prepared in a home cannot be sold in a restaurant.

A bag of raw chicken was stored next to cooked meat and over cabbage slaw.

Beans had a temperature of 48 degrees; rice, 66 degrees; and cabbage slaw, 58 degrees. Iowa code requires these foods must be kept colder than 41 degrees.

The hand-washing sink was being used for storage. Water was also not available because the water pump was unplugged.

Tacos Sinaloense, 510 W. Southridge Rd., was cited for two violations:

Employee reporting agreements were not available. The staff signed the agreements at the inspection.

The hand-washing sink was used to store utensils and an employee drinking glass. The air conditioner was also draining into the sink via the condensation tube. Both were corrected by staff.

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