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Tina Fey and Candice Bergen Welcome Emma Stone Into SNL ‘Herstory’

Emma Stone became the youngest member of the Five-Timers Club on Saturday Night Live this weekend when she hosted the show for the fifth time in 13 years. And while she didn’t quite get the star-studded reception that John Mulaney did last year, she did get an extra special welcome into SNL “herstory” during her monologue.

First, Stone pointed out the fact that she has practically grown up on the show, hosting for the first time when she was in her early twenties before meeting her husband at the show.

“I know he’s pretty camera shy, he’s not a performer, but it’s such a special night for us, I would love for the cameras to cut to him if that’s OK,” the actress said. But instead of showing her real-life husband, writer-director Dave McCary, Lorne Michaels appeared on the screen. “I love you so much, honey,” she added.

From there, Stone was joined on stage by Tina Fey and then Candice Bergen, two of only five other women who have achieved the same feat. Bergen told her about the special “women’s section” she created in the clubhouse a few years back.

“It’s got everything,” Bergen said. “Showers, a locker room, a big portrait with the eyes cut out so Martin Short can peek in.” And later, “The women’s section started out as a small, quiet place to cry. But over the years, it became a big luxurious place to cry.”

When they finally welcomed Stone to SNL “herstory” and gave her a Five-Timers jacket, Stone reached in the pocket and immediately found a joint.

“Oh, that must be Woody Harrelson’s jacket,” Bergen joked before Stone pulled out a vaccine card from the pocket as well.

“Then it’s definitely not Woody’s,” Fey quipped, referencing Harrelson’s controversial (and notably cameo-free) monologue when he hosted for the fifth time this past February.

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