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Trump claims Biden ‘hates military’ in latest attack ad: Live updates

Trump says only ‘psycho’ would call dead American soldiers ‘suckers and losers’

Donald Trump has attacked Joe Biden in a new ad posted to his Truth Social platform in which he claims the president “hates the military”, a clear attempt to firefight the revival of his own notorious “suckers and losers” comment about America’s fallen soldiers.

The ad compiles clips of disaffected veterans speaking to conservative media about their apparently negative experiences of interacting with Biden at official events.

The Republican presidential candidate completed a virtual interview with Manhattan Criminal Court’s probation department on Monday, a mandatory requirement before he is sentenced on July 11 by New York judge Juan Merchan after being found guilty on all counts at his hush money trial last month.

The former president was convicted on 34 counts of falsifying documents to cover up a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in October 2016, just prior to that year’s election, to ensure her silence over an alleged affair.

Trump also spoke remotely yesterday at an event hosted by The Danbury Institute, a Christian non-profit that calls abortion an “atrocity” and wants it to be “eradicated entirely”.

However, just hours before his campaign said he would only give a pre-recorded message and would not mention abortion.


Trump can easily win Nevada – and if he does, he’ll win the election

Here’s Eric Garcia on why things are looking different for the Republican in the Silver State this time around and what that means for 5 November.

Joe Sommerlad11 June 2024 11:30


Trump blames Nevada’s ex-Democrat governor for stealing state

You Know Who has claimed that Nevada was stolen from him in the 2020 presidential election, in part due to the state’s former Democratic governor, despite the fact that he lost by thousands of votes.

The former president has lost the state in the previous two election cycles, conceding it to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020, where he lost by 34,000 votes.

The margin to Biden was larger than the 27,000 votes Trump lost to Clinton by in 2016, but that didn’t stop the president from claiming without proof that he somehow won in Nevada and that the electoral votes were stolen from him.

Speaking to The Las Vegas Review Journal ahead of his rally in Sunset Park on Sunday, Trump said the second loss had come despite his belief he had “won strongly.”

“I won the primaries big, and I actually thought I won twice, and some bad things happened,” he said.

“You had a Democrat governor, and I really believe that bad things happened because we were in a very strong position

“And so when you say lost, I don’t know what the definition of lost is, but I think we’re going to win it big [this time].”

Joe Sommerlad11 June 2024 11:00


Trump gives speech to anti-abortion group, without mentioning abortion

The former president yesterday supplied a brief, pre-recorded message for an event hosted by an extreme anti-abortion group – which denounces the procedure as “child sacrifice” – but managed to dodge the issue altogether.

Trump spoke virtually at the “Life and Liberty Forum” held by the Danbury Institute, a group that has decried abortion as “the greatest atrocity facing our generation today” and has vowed not to rest “until it is eradicated entirely.”

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee, however, did not mention “abortion” once.

Here’s more from Kelly Rissman and John Bowden.

Joe Sommerlad11 June 2024 10:30


Fox host hints Trump could back out of first debate with Biden

Sean Hannity, who interviewed Trump in person last week, casually floated the idea on his show last night that the Republican candidate could refuse to take part in the first debate with Biden (scheduled for June 27 on CNN), seemingly preparing the ground for precisely that to happen.

On the same network, Trump’s favourite conservative legal scholar Jonathan Turley very openly pleaded with Judge Merchan not to put the “elderly” candidate in jail.

Joe Sommerlad11 June 2024 10:00


Truth Social: Trump claims Biden ‘hates the military’, appeals to Latinos for support and promotes Charlie Kirk’s book

Trump’s latest social media dump includes an appeal to Latinos to support him, the usual slew of endorsements for GOP primary candidates, a promotional pitch for Charlie Kirk’s new book (he spoke to Kirk’s Turning Point movement in Phoenix, Arizona, last week), as well as a nasty new attack ad on Joe Biden.

A classic Trump projection effort, he claims that the president “hates the military” in a clear bid to firefight the revival of his own “suckers and losers” comment about fallen soldiers, compiling together clips of aggrieved veterans speaking to conservative media about their apparently negative experiences of interacting with Biden at official events, which, for some reason, is presented on a rickety looking 1970s television set.

Cheap, unconvincing and more than a little desperate, I’d say.

Josh Marcus wrote this on Sunday on Trump’s latest attempt to dissociate himself from the comment, which dates back to his former chief of staff John F Kelly and an article in The Atlantic.

Joe Sommerlad11 June 2024 09:30


Trump says Taylor Swift is ‘unusually beautiful’ but ‘liberal’

The Republican presidential felon has described the most famous woman in the world as “unusually beautiful” but “liberal”, noting: “She probably doesn’t like Trump.”

The former president was interviewed by Variety editor Ramin Setoodeh last November for a new book about his time hosting The Apprentice entitled Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass, which is set to be published on June 18.

Asked his opinion of Swift, Trump replied: “She’s got a great star quality. She really does.”

Kevin EG Perry has the story.

Joe Sommerlad11 June 2024 09:00


Trump completes mandatory pre-sentencing interview after less than 30 minutes of questioning

The former president’s mandatory pre-sentencing interview with a New York City probation officer took place on Monday and ended after less than a half-hour of routine questions, according to the Associated Press.

Trump’s answers will be compiled into a report that will be presented to trial judge Merchan prior to the Republican’s July 11 sentencing in his hush money criminal case.

Joe Sommerlad11 June 2024 08:30


Jan 6 rioter running for Congress storms out of televised debate

A Georgia Republican congressional candidate who was convicted over his part in the US Capitol riot stormed out of a live televised debate on Sunday night just a week before his party’s primary runoff.

Chuck Hand, who is battling GOP rival Wayne Johnson for the chance to take on 16-term Democratic incumbent Sanford Bishop in November, left the stage at the Atlanta Press Club after declaring that he refused to debate Johnson.

Joe Sommerlad has the details:

Oliver O’Connell11 June 2024 06:30


ICYMI: Six hospitalized at scorching Trump rally in Vegas

Six people were hospitalized on Sunday after attending former President Donald Trump’s outdoor rally in scorching heat in Nevada.

Some 24 others were treated at the rally as temperatures exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Las Vegas, where thousands of people gathered in the city’s Sunset Park to watch Trump speak at his first large-scale rally since he was convicted of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.

During the rally, he addressed the heat several times, even telling his supporters at one point not to die from heat exhaustion because he needed their votes.

Oliver O’Connell11 June 2024 04:30


Giuliani calls DA Fani Willis a ‘ho’ at Christian rally

Rudy Giuliani, former mayor and US attorney, called Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis a “ho” before making fun of her name at a far-right conference.

Over the weekend, Giuliani referred to the Georgia prosecutor as “Fani the ho” at the ReAwaken America Tour, videos posted online show.

The former mayor of New York City then complained that the spelling of her name does not align with its pronunciation.

Oliver O’Connell11 June 2024 02:30

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