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Trump ‘immunity’ claim in election interference case goes before Supreme Court: Live

Donald Trump claims there was ‘no fraud whatsoever’ at New York for trial

Donald Trump’s claim that “presidential immunity” protects him from prosecution in his federal election interference case will soon be heard by the US Supreme Court.

On Monday, special counsel Jack Smith asked the nation’s highest court to expedite and rule on the matter speedily – something the court agreed to do just hours later. Mr Trump now has until 4pm on 20 December to respond.

The latest twist in the case comes as Mr Trump’s civil fraud trial is wrapping up in Lower Manhattan and as the defamation trial of Trump lawyer and former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani got underway in Washington, DC following the selection of an eight-person jury.

A judge has already found Mr Giuliani liable for defaming Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss by falsely claiming they committed election fraud.

On Monday, Mr Giuliani spewed his defamatory comments once again outside the courtroom leading to his lawyer being admonished by the judge.

Ms Moss took the stand on Tuesday, recalling in emotional testimony the harassment and threats she suffered due to Mr Giuliani’s false allegations, and how her life has been turned upside down by him.


Weeks before caucuses, Trump hits new high in Iowa polls

Oliver O’Connell13 December 2023 04:45


‘America will burn’ if Trump is jailed before election

NewsNation GOP debate host Megyn Kelly has a dire prediction for American politics should Donald Trump face actual consequences for any of the more than 90 felony charges he now faces in court.

Kelly spoke to far-right gadfly Glenn Beck this past week after she was part of the team moderating the fourth and final Republican primary debate of 2023; a handful have just been scheduled to occur over January and February.

In her conversation with Beck, Kelly explained that she thought there would be violence in the streets were Mr Trump to be convicted and imprisoned before the 2024 election occurs next November.

Oliver O’Connell13 December 2023 03:45


Report: Trump contacted ex-Mar-a-Lago employee turned witness

Donald Trump and his associates allegedly repeatedly contacted a former Mar-a-Lago employee who knew of key conversations and moments in the federal classified documents case against the former president.

According to multiple human sources and other material accessed by CNN, Mr Trump took a rare step and reached out to the employee a few days after he quit working at the Florida estate to inquire why he was leaving.

Mr Trump’s associates later allegedly offered the former employee free tickets to a golf tournament.

The former employee, who later told the federal special counsel’s office investigating the documents case about the communications, even allegedly got an offer from Mr Trump’s lawyer for assistance in finding legal representation, with the lawyer mentioning in a voicemail that he was aware the former employee had been subpoenaed to provide information to a grand jury.

The Independent has contacted the Justice Department and a lawyer for the former president in the documents case for comment.

Oliver O’Connell13 December 2023 02:45


Full details: Trump’s ‘presidential immunity’ claim will be tested at the Supreme Court

An answer would mark the first time the nation’s highest court has weighed in on the criminal prosecutions of the former president, who was charged in a grand jury indictment for his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Hours after Mr Smith’s request on Monday, justices agreed to expedite the case. Mr Trump has until 4pm on 20 December to respond.

The former president has argued that he is protected from prosecution for crimes committed while in office, citing “presidential immunity” that the federal judge overseeing the case has rejected. He has appealed that ruling.

Mr Smith’s team with the US Department of Justice asked for the justices to determine “whether a former President is absolutely immune from federal prosecution for crimes committed while in office or is constitutionally protected from federal prosecution when he has been impeached but not convicted before the criminal proceedings begin.”

“The United States recognizes that this is an extraordinary request,” according to the filing. “This is an extraordinary case.”

Oliver O’Connell13 December 2023 01:45


How prosecutors could use Trump’s Twitter evidence in his election conspiracy case

Monday’s court filing outlining three expert witnesses who are expected to testify at trial include people who work with geolocation data on mobile devices – including phones that belonged to Mr Trump and others at the White House – and who have previously mapped the movement of rioters who breached the Capitol grounds and halls of Congress.

Josh Marcus13 December 2023 01:15


Biden says world leaders keep telling him ‘You can’t let Trump win’

“There’s not an international event that I’ve attended – not one – where the rest of the world doesn’t come up to me – leaders, no matter what country they’re from – and say, ‘You can’t let him win. You can’t let him win,” Mr Biden reportedly told the audience.

Josh Marcus13 December 2023 00:45


‘I’m in a dark place’: Election worker targeted by Rudy Giuliani’s lies is afraid for her life

Life for Shaye Moss turned upside down after Rudy Giuliani made life hell for her family.

Three years after spreading a lie that the election worker in Georgia manipulated ballots to rig the 2020 presidential election, Donald Trump’s former attorney listened to her in person for the first time as she described the abuse she endured, the pain she lives with, and the overwhelming anxiety she continues to experience.

He was already found liable for defaming the mother-daughter pair of election workers, whose lives were bombarded with racist threats and harassment fuelled by false claims amplified across social media and right-wing media networks.

Alex Woodward and Oliver O’Connell have the details in their full report.

Josh Marcus13 December 2023 00:27


ICYMI: Giuliani spews defamatory claims about election workers outside defamation trial

The legal filing from the attorneys for the mother and daughter points to an ABC News report in which Mr Giuliani said he “told the truth” about the election workers “changing votes”. He added that he shouldn’t be held accountable because of “other people overreacting”.

Oliver O’Connell12 December 2023 23:45


NBC News demands Trump campaign takes down fake clip

NBC News has reportedly demanded that Donald Trump’s campaign remove a video that has been doctored to abuse his Republican presidential nominee rivals.

The video was later confirmed to be a parody, and had been audio deceptively edited, sources close to the demands by NBC told Semafor.

Oliver O’Connell12 December 2023 22:45


And with that, the Giuliani defamation trial wraps for the day.

Day three will begin at 9.15am ET tomorrow.

Oliver O’Connell12 December 2023 22:13

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