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Two Out, Three to Come for Sreeleela

Sreeleela, one of Tollywood’s busiest actresses currently enjoying a surge in her career, has a jam-packed schedule. While some high-profile films are still in production, others have hit the theaters.

She starred in “Skanda” in September, and “Bhagavanth Kesari” was released this month.

While the former turned out to be a complete flop, the latter is currently running in theaters. However, its final outcome will remain uncertain until the Dasara holiday period concludes.

Following these two films, she is slated to appear in three more in the next three months.

The lineup starts with Vaishnav Tej’s “Aadikeshava” in November, although there isn’t much buzz surrounding this film as of now. In December, she will feature in “Extra Ordinary Man” alongside Nithiin. The most anticipated among them, “Guntur Kaaram,” is set to hit theaters in January.

“Guntur Kaaram” has high expectations for the next three releases. Will she be able to increase her success rate with these three?

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