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Ultra-right group disbanded after violent clashes in south of France

France’s interior minister Gérald Darminin has announced the dissolution of the ultra-right Division Martel group following their involvement in violence and inciting racial hatred in the Drôme department last month.

Founded a year ago by former members of a previously disbanded ultra-right group, the Division Martel was officially shut down this Wednesday.

The move was announced at the French government’s Council of Ministers meeting, following the group’s violent clashes with police that took place at the end of November in the south of France.

On 28 November, the Minister of the Interior proposed disbanding Division Martel, the day after incidents that resembled “a punitive expedition” following the death of a teenager in the village of Crépol.

Earlier Wednesday, Gérald Darmanin confirmed on X: “This tiny group incites violence and racial hatred. It has no place in our Republic”.

More extremist groups targeted

At the time of his announcement at the end of November, he also mentioned two other ultra-right-wing groups set to be dissolved, without naming them.

According to the minister’s entourage, the names of the groups will be revealed shortly and their dissolution will take place speedily.

They had gone to an area of the town – where several of people implicated in the stabbing to death of a 16 year-old – came from.

According to the authorities, their aim was to “settle scores”.

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