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Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers were recorded in Wood County from April 10-14:

* Daniel L Cooper (atty) and Colleen A Cooper (indirect) to David W Barre and Rikkie L Barre Revocable Living Trust, tract 5.23 acres and tract 6.87 acres and tract five acres, Walker District, $445,000.

* Prince Rentals LLC to Ashley M Smith, lot 24 Street, Parkersburg City District, $139,000.

* Kevin Whitehair and Brenda Whitehair to Kirstie R Elliot, lots 347 and 348 Beechwood addition, Parkersburg City District, $40,000.

* Gerald R Mayle and Terry K Mayle to Jonathan Mersing and Hannah Mersing, lot 5 Brookeside addition, Parkersburg City District, $80,000.

* Alexis Saunders (also known as Alexis Michelle Saunders) to Timothy Morris, part tract lot 11 Chester addition, Vienna District, $149,000.

* Lawbridge LLC to Rivers Limited Partnership, unit 222 Rivers Office Park, Lubeck District, $480,000.

* June Williams to Blue Finn Express Inc, lot 48 Fairview Heights addition section B, Parkersburg City District, $167,000.

* James J Argabrite and Sharon L Argabrite to Scott A Clarkson to Tamara Clarkson, tract 24.62 acres New England Ridge Road and right of way less exceptions, Harris District, $495,000.

* Curtis L Harris to Jarred Z Garrison, across tract 6.52 acres and right of way Union District M-650 P-I1, right of way.

* Wayne Hendershot to Samual T Moss, lot 45 section C Wildwood subdivision, Lubeck District, land contract.

* Zach Patterson to Cierra Richter, all interest 1.05 acres Old River Hill Road and right of way, Lubeck District, quit claim deed.

* David W. Lemon to David W. Lemon and Valerie A. Lemon, all interest tract 4.02 acres State Route number 14, Slate District, quit claim deed.

* Britny Hornbeck (also known as Brittany Dawn Hornbeck and Britny Dawn Hornbeck), John Willard Veon (Indirect), Donna J Veon (indirect) and Carol J Clem (trustee – indirect) to Britny Dawn Hornbeck, lot 3 redivision Andrews addition, Vienna District.

* Britny Hornbeck (also known as Britny Dawn Hornbeck), Donna J Veon (indirect), John Willard Veon (indirect) and Carol J Clem (trustee – indirect) to Angie Hornbeck, lot three redivision Andrews addition, Vienna District.

* Donald R Godfrey (also known as Donald Ross Godrey) to Jeffrey A White and Suellen D White, all interest in lot 0.2054 acres Niagara Street and 20 Avenue and strip, Parkersburg City District, $158,000.

* Cassandra M Moore, Gloria M Cochran (indirect) and William I Cochran Junior (indirect) to James J Deklavon and Julie D Deklavon, lot 0.406 acres and 33 and Worthington View Streets, Parkersburg City District, $118,000.

* Laura B Wright and Benjamin W Habeb to Matthew E Flowers and Alyssa R Flowers, surface only part tract lot 1 A A Keller Estate and right of way less oil gas and minerals, Williams District, $275,000.

* Daniel C Morikone and Valerie S Morikone to Steven Douglas Taylor, lot 69 L Dudley and Sons addition, Vienna District, $136,000.

* Nancy I Amos and Frederick S Amos (indirect) to Bryanne Cutlip, lot 69 Camden Riverview Terrace addition, Parkersburg City District, $124,500.

* Elias Lemon-Engle, Bethany L Hurt, Mellissa Lemon (administratrix), Andreus Lemon-Engle (indirect), Estate of Thomas Dale Lemon, Patrick Engle (guardian and conservator), Dale F Lemon (indirect) and Reta Susan Lemon (also known as Reta S Lemon – indirect) to Nathan Vest and Rachel Burchard, lots 18 and 19 martin Stout and Nutter’s Avondale addition, Parkersburg City District, $72,165.

* Estate of Helen M Miller and Jeffry Allen Miller (executor) to Robert E Miller, lot 339 Fairground Park addition, Parkersburg City District, $141,250.

* Leslie Wade Francis (deceased), small estate intestate.

* Aaron M Parsons to Jason E Chapman, tract 0.57 acres Old Northwestern Pike, Parkersburg District, $72,500.

* Burdette Brothers Properties LLC to Paul Burdette and Candace Burdette, lot 23 Morlan Ayers and Bodge addition number one less oil gas and minerals, Lubeck District.

* Carol A Hanna to Harry William Montgomery II and Emily Nicole Montgomery, lot 35 block two Vaughan addition, Parkersburg City District, $20,000.

* William D Wolfe to William D Wolfe and Kimberly S Wolfe, all interest in tract 0.81 acres, Williams District.

* Jean A Nicholson (indirect), Kristi J Harris (formerly known as Kristi J Nicholson – atty) and Delbert H Nicholson (indirect) to Sheila Edmonds, lot 99 Ralph L Matheny addition number three, Parkersburg City District, $170,000.

* Mark W Wilt and Tina M Wilt to Robert Cogar and Ashley Cogar, lot 91 Pleasant View addition and lot, Vienna District, $181,000.

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