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X-Men: What Went Wrong With Wolverine and Kitty Pryde’s Reunion?

The following contains spoilers for X-Men #28, on sale now.

During The Fall of X, the X-Men have seen their whole existence turned upside down, with the anti-mutant organization, Orchis, practically eliminating mutants from the entire planet, with over a hundred thousand mutants currently lost within the White Hot Room, other mutants sent to different parts of the Marvel Universe, and the remaining mutants on Earth forced underground by Stark Sentinels that can detect mutant powers from a distance. One of the mutants who has taken these developments the hardest has been Kate Pryde, who has adopted the codename Shadowkat, and essentially gone on a murderous rampage against Orchis.

In this week’s X-Men #28 (by writer Gerry Duggan, artist Joshua Cassara, colorist Marte Gracia and letterer Clayton Cowles), Pryde reunited with her old mentor, Wolverine, for the first time since the Fall of X began, and Wolverine did not approve of the fact that Kate has essentially adopted the teachings of Wolverine’s old enemy, Ogun.

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Who is Ogun and what part did he play in Shadowkat’s past?

Ogun was a powerful ninja who also was a mutant with telepathic powers. He was Wolverine’s mentor, and helped train Wolverine to become a ninja. However, over time, Ogun became corrupted, and began to work for the Yakuza and the two men parted ways. Years later, Ogun kidnapped Kitty Pryde in the miniseries Wolverine and Kitty Pryde (by Chris Claremont and Al Milgrom), and brainwashed her into thinking that she was his daughter. He also possessed her body, and trained her as a ninja, planning to turn her into an assassin. Wolverine was able to break Ogun’s conditioning, and he then was forced to kill Ogun. Kitty was back to her normal self, but the ninja skills remained. She adopted the codename, Shadowcat, which she used for many years.

During the Fall of X, Kate has readopted the Shadowcat named (adapting it to Shadowkat), and fully adopted Ogun’s ways to wreak vengeance on Orchis, including even using Ogun’s personal blades.

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How did Shadowkat react to Wolverine complaining about her ties to Ogun?

Wolverine meets up with Kitty Pryde

In X-Men #28, the X-Men’s mole within Orchis, Firestar, revealed that Orchis is interested in some mutants that are protected by Doctor Doom in Latveria. Shadowkat was sent to Latveria, and forced to take Ms. Marvel on the mission with her. Once they arrived outside Latveria (Kamala was not told that they were essentially invading Latveria), they were surprised to see Wolverine waiting for them, to aid them on the mission.

Wolverine, meanwhile, was surprised to see Kate dressed up in Ogun’s robes and bearing his weapons. He expressed his dismay to Kate, but she brushed him off. Ms. Marvel is confused, since she knows the two are very close (Kamala, for her part, greeted Wolverine with a warm hug). Any further discussion was interrupted by Doctor Doom arriving with his mutants, but this new conflict between Kate and Wolverine bears close attention in future issues of the X-Men titles.

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