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‘Destiny 2’ May Have Just Revealed Why Cayde-6 Is Alive In ‘The Final Shape’

Destiny and its lore pages, man. So many important things have been buried in those over the years, but now it seems we may have one of the biggest narrative things put into, of all places, a ship’s lore tab.

It is possible this is being read the wrong way, but if not, it may explain the central concept of The Final Shape, that Cayde-6 is now somehow alive and inside the Traveler after being killed by Uldren Sov (now Crow) in Forsaken. Spoilers follow.

The ship is the reward from completing the final mission of Season of the Wish and it involves…a possible wish. The idea here is that it’s entirely possibly that Crow was tricked into using an Ahamkara wish to bring Cayde back to life.

The ship is called “Unforseen Consequences” and its flavor text is “Be careful what you wish for” which uh, is a pretty good clue up front.

In it, Crow talks with Mara about his regrets, first and foremost killing Cayde:

“Remorse and recriminations,” Mara says absently. She turns her eyes toward him. “If you could go back, alter the course of your history, what would you change?”

He can’t help but laugh. “Where to begin?” Crow muses with a smirk. It fades soon enough. “Cayde,” he whispers.

Mara raises an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“Before then, I could have taken a different road. But once I pulled that trigger…” He shakes his head. “Everything else, I can set right. But not that. I just wish I could tell him I shouldn’t have done it.”

“I see,” Mara murmurs. Her eyes shine in the starlight.

So, just a friendly chat between brother and sister, right? Well no. Not exactly. The end of the passage:

“See you soon.” Mara’s voice echoes across the empty chamber as the illusion fades. “O brother mine.”

The “O brother mine” there is signature Riven speak, indicating that Riven was posing as Mara for this conversation. Uldren also did say the word “wish” explicit which is, shall we say, a trigger for Riven.

It would explain a few things, namely how this happened in the first place with Cayde specifically, and also why it was Crow that got sent through the portal first from a narrative perspective. Cayde talks about simply waking up inside the Traveler with no clue what happened. And this is not a “this is where Guardians go where they die” situation, as there isn’t anyone else there, it seems, just him.

He and his gun also appear to be cracked and glowing, which I suppose is not proof of anything, but it’s weird, certainly, and I’m getting “he got glued back together with wish magic” vibes. One thing that may not fit here is that Riven’s “Last Wish” was supposed to be opening a path to the Traveler, but maybe she rolled this Cayde thing up with that.

It really just explains a lot, and I mean the damn name of the ship and flavor text practically spell it out. This seems like a massive reveal to bury in the lore tab of a ship, but it’s also possible that this ends up being a proper reveal as the Final Shape story progresses. Right now, it’s the single best explanation for Cayde’s bizarre resurrection that I’ve seen so far.

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